‘Cobra Kai’ star Peyton List admits she has a Tory problem


In season 2, Peyton List joined the cast of Cobra Kai as a Tory.

Tory arrives in the city and meets Cobra Kai. She also falls in love with Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) and sees Mary Mouser (Samantha LaRusso) as a threat because Miguel also used to date her.

Tory is full of rage, and List admits that she is struggling with certain elements of the job.

List talked about season 3 of Cobra Kai with a group of reporters from Zoom. Season 3 is now on Netflix for streaming.

‘Cobra Kai’ was Peyton List’s chance of a lifetime.

List wouldn’t swap her experience with Cobra Kai, even if it comes with its challenges. On Disney Channel series like Jessie and Bunk’d, she was searching for a way to break away from her roles, and Cobra Kai was the way to do it.

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I’m telling you, Oh my Goodness, it’s such a dream role and I have the best time, so it makes me happy that it’s fun because it’s the funniest role I’ve ever had to play.

I’m just wondering every day, how did I get this and how am I here? I do love it so much.

They still joke,’ We just wanted the challenge,’ the writers, Jon, Josh and Hayden. They just love a good challenge and they like getting this girl from Disney and giving me the chance to say, yes, she can do it. I really appreciated them saying that at my audition and also seeing that in me because I felt like a lot of people were going to box me in and say she can’t do it, let’s move on. Peyton List, Zoom Roundtable, Nov. 12, 2020

Tory takes over as Peyton List shoots ‘Cobra Kai’

With Mr. Miyagi’s patience, Tory may need a tutor, but even Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is struggling with that, and Tory hasn’t even sought him out. She was attracted to the “no mercy” ideology of Cobra Kai, and List admits it’s tough to shake.

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I go home every day when I go in, and it’s kind of hard for me to shut off because I’m so excited,”When I go in there every day, I go home and it’s kind of hard for me to turn off because I’m so excited,” I feel like I’m watching videos of stunts all the time and trying to learn.

But I also turn it off, but Tory has also taught me a lot about my life and taught me a lot about this show. I’m just grateful for the whole thing.

Tory’s rage, Peyton List understands

Season 3 dives deeper into Tory’s family hardships, cash and unwanted advances.

The very fact that she is an insecure teenager compounds all of her issues. List hopes that, hopefully, Tory will find her calm.

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“I see exactly where Tory is coming from,”I see exactly where the Tory comes from. “I think you see that in a lot of teens, especially those who have never really been shown love or support and feel really alone. It’s easy to hate in that situation, and it’s much harder to see the light and show grace. She needs the right sensei, I think, and the right guidance. I understand where she’s coming from, and I feel for her.”


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