Clint Barton’s Thanos Mug astounded Hawkeye fans.


Clint Barton’s Thanos Mug Is Unbelievable to Hawkeye Fans.

Hawkeye fans probably weren’t expecting the new show to contain so many Thanos jokes.

In the opening sequences on Disney(plus), Clint Barton is holding a “Thanos Was Right” mug, and the viewers couldn’t get over it.

The reactions to these small nods are exploding on social media.

The Marvel universe appears to be progressing thanks to such small details.

For the first time in a long time, you can see what all those people must be thinking after their daily lives have been forever changed by the presence of aliens, cyborgs, and witches.

Naturally, some people believe Thanos was correct.

A man who fought him outside the Avengers’ facility and lost multiple comrades would probably disagree.

Hawkeye shows MCU fans what the world they love looks like on the ground level, and the archer we’ve all been following since 2011 has a fish out of water character.

In an interview with ACE Universe, Josh Brolin discussed how he came to be the Mad Titan.

His portrayal of the purple villain has cast a pall over the MCU.

Who bought Clint this mug??? Why does he have it??? pic.twitter.comsnUlvjxu9Z

“When I said yes to Thanos, they gave me a big Bible and tried to talk me out of it, but it wasn’t for a massive, massive part in two final films over a ten-year period.”

It was intended to be more of a cameo than anything else.

So it was never because of the size of the role that I thought, “Oh, I want to do that because it’ll propel me further up into that fame or stardom or whatever.”

“I was like, what is the role? It’s not one of the Avengers, it’s the nemesis of all the Avengers,” Brolin explained.

“I turned down a lot of those things, and everyone was like, ‘Money!’ When I said yes to Avengers, it was a minor thing.”

“It was basically a cameo, so there wasn’t a lot of money involved,” Brolin said about his iconic character in the past.

“So that wasn’t it.

When they came up to me, however, they handed me a large bible.

It was fantastic that they were all there.

If it had been one of the Avengers — and I don’t mean this in a derogatory way; I probably shouldn’t say this…

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