Cleaning: Mrs Hinch followers offer a trick for removing metal rust with a common home item.


Cleaning: Mrs Hinch followers offer a trick for removing metal rust with a common home item.

REMOVING rust from metal can be tough, particularly if the residue has accumulated over time. Cleaning enthusiasts, on the other hand, have given a helpful method for restoring metal things to their former splendor.

Shower trays made of metal that hold your merchandise might readily rust. Soap residue and minerals in the water are to blame. Fortunately, there are simple methods for removing rust.

Mrs. Hinch is a cleaning influencer who became well-known after posting cleaning tips and tricks on social media.

The cleaning celebrity now has four million Instagram followers and her own homeware line.

Mrs Hinch’s true name is Sophie, and several of her fans have built Facebook sites in her honor.

One woman sought for help on how to get rid of metal rust on one of these pages, which had thousands of users.

Many metal objects can be found throughout the house, such as shower trays and oven grills.

Unfortunately, rust can form quickly on these items.

Mrs Hinch’s admirer sent a photo of her shower’s rusted metal trays with the message, “Anybody know advice on preventing the rust on these shower trays in the first place?” I can clean it off, but I’m curious as to how folks prevent the buildup.”

Other page members offered a slew of suggestions, but one in particular jumped out.

To get rid of the rust, several individuals suggested using tomato ketchup.

“I noticed on one site that if you put tomato sauce on it and rub it off with folded up tinfoil, it comes off,” one individual stated. But I haven’t tried it yet.”

“It works just as well,” said another participant.

Others concurred. “Ketchup works,” one cleaning fan claimed.

“Tomato ketchup,” someone else said. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes before scrubbing it off using tin foil.”

Other cleaning experts suggested using home basics like Vaseline and nail polish to remove the rust.

“Put a little layer of Vaseline on them twice a week – avoids them rusting,” one user said. Just a smidgeon on a towel and wipe over twice a week.”

“Clear nail varnish once cleaned,” wrote another.

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Cleaning specialists have long complimented edible items’ capacity to clean surfaces and objects in the home.

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