Cleaning: Mrs Hinch followers give a 99p tip for getting rid of sticky residue on plastic.


Cleaning: Mrs Hinch followers give a 99p tip for getting rid of sticky residue on plastic.

A 99p trick for eliminating sticky residue from plastic materials has been recommended by cleaning experts. Mrs. Hinch’s supporters claim that the cheap suggestion has been “tried and tested.”

Stickers and sellotape can leave ugly residue on UPVC window frames, doors, and plastic toys. Even the most effective cleaning agents can’t always get rid of the sticky residue. Mrs Hinch, whose actual name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has a simple 99p answer that her fans have shared.

Mrs. Hinch became famous after posting cleaning tips and advice on social media and on television.

On Instagram, the cleaning aficionado has amassed over 4.1 million followers.

Her devotees have started their own Facebook groups dedicated to housekeeping tricks and ideas.

A social media user in one group inquired about how to remove sticky residue from her front door.

“Hubby has tried bleach and jet wash on this gluey spot but hasn’t been able to get it off,” she explained.

“The Pink Stuff paste warns against using it on plastic. Any suggestions for removing the marks? ” She shared a photo of her front door, which looks to be marked with a yellow label.

Mrs Hinch admirers left almost 1,500 comments and 66 likes on the post.

The most popular idea was to use nail paint remover, which can be purchased for 99p at Superdrug.

“Acetone-free nail varnish remover (acetone would melt the plastic) and a blade,” one user recommended, while another added, “Nail varnish remover.” But first, put it to the test! “Nail varnish remover,” said another user. It’s been tried and true. Also, hand sanitizer.” “Nail varnish remover,” another social media user agreed. “Tried and true, and the results are incredible.” Looking for a new home or just want to have a look? Another cleaning lover remarked, “Nail polish remover and a blade.” Another said, “Try nail varnish remover.” “Nail varnish remover works for us,” claimed another Mrs Hinch fan. Other cleaning suggestions included WD40, hand sanitizer, washing up liquid, lighter fluid, and mayonnaise.

“I used to work for a model manufacturer and this is what they used to clean sticky residue off,” one person recommended. “I got mine off with 80 percent alcohol sanitiser,” another added.

“Nail polish remover is also said to work,” someone else said. “Mayonnaise helped on my fridge stickers.”


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