Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans provide helpful suggestions for cleaning the fridge with everyday items.


Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans provide helpful suggestions for cleaning the fridge with everyday items.

Cleaning: Mrs. Hinch fans offer recommendations for cleaning the fridge with common household products.

Cleaning professionals have offered several tips for eliminating stubborn stains from a stainless-steel refrigerator using only a few basic household objects.

Mrs Hinch is a housekeeping celebrity with a significant social media following. Her real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe. She became famous after sharing helpful housekeeping advice and recommendations on her Instagram account, which currently has over four million followers. Her fans have already started their own Facebook groups to share cleaning and organizing tips.

Every day, more than 380,000 members of one online club share cleaning ideas and tricks.

On social media, a member of the group asked for helpful tips on how to clean a stainless-steel fridge, and received a variety of responses from other members ready to assist.

“As a cleaning company owner, I’d first wipe it off fully, using a clean cotton cloth or rag with wonder and firm, but delicate pressure in the same direction as the grain on the fridge,” one user recommended. “Then I’d definitely use Zep brand stainless cleaning on it again, but this time sparingly and going with the grain.”

“A good wash with soapy water, rinse, dry well, then buff with WD40 on kitchen roll,” a third user wrote. “Wash with hot soapy (dawn) water, dry, then polish with WD4O,” a fourth user said. “Highly recommend this product to perform that job for you, works good on all surfaces a WD40 on kitchen roll,” said one user who suggested using Jif surface sanitiser.

Another cleaning obsessive remarked, “Honestly vinegar mixed with water and a towel leaves no traces,” while another added, “I use a mixture of bicarb and disinfectant, then a pretty small dab of baby oil on kitchen roll.” Others recommended removing the stains with a number of remedies.

Some individuals suggested cleaning the stainless-steel surface using a window spray and a paper towel or Pledge furniture polish, while others suggested using alcohol.

Others suggested cleaning products like Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes and Windex.

Another user suggested using Bar Keepers Friend to remove any rust.

One person claimed to be a window washer. “Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.”


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