Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans offer a £1.23 tupperware stain removal tip.


Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans offer a £1.23 tupperware stain removal tip.

Tupperware washing has been made easier thanks to a £1.23 hack provided by cleaning experts. The hack, according to Mrs Hinch admirers, “does wonders on stains.”

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame after offering housekeeping tips and advice on social media and television. On Instagram, the cleaning aficionado has amassed over 4.1 million followers. Her devotees have already formed their own social media groups dedicated to cleaning and organizing advice.

Steph Steel, a Facebook user, asked fellow cleaning enthusiasts how to remove red stains from her tupperware in one of the groups.

“Hello, is there anything I can do to prevent tomato-based meals from staining plastic tupperware?” she inquired. Thanks.” The post was inundated with comments from Mrs Hinch fans.

The most popular advice was to use a kitchen towel and dishwashing solutions.

“If you put washing up liquid, water, and shredded up kitchen roll in a tupperware tub,” Lauren Wilks stated.

“Give it a good shake,” says the narrator. It eliminates all stains! It’s amazing how well it removes curry stains!” Lauren’s point of view was shared by Susan Usher. “That’s what I do, and it works so well,” she explained. “This works,” Janette Elizabeth Davies added. Sharon Murphy came up with a similar idea. “Place washing up liquid in the tupperware and fill with warm water,” she advised.

“Take half a sheet of kitchen paper and place it in a tupperware container. Put the lid on and shake it.

“Wash as usual after the kitchen roll absorbs what’s left.”

“My hubby came discovered a hack that we thought would never work but it definitely does!” remarked social media user Cherry Ho.

Put a few drops of dishwashing liquid in the box with a little water, half a sheet of kitchen towel in there as well, close it up, and shake it like crazy!“

Will remove the majority of the stains before washing the tub.”

“I’m not sure why this works, but we were pleasantly surprised.”

Are you looking for a new house or just want to take a look around? Please enter your postcode here or go to “Add green Fairy Liquid, scrub, then add hot water, cover, and shake,” Janette Williams added. “First line it with cling film or use Fairy Liquid and kitchen roll and give it a shake,” Ellie Latchford McDonald suggested. Washing up liquid can be found for as little as 33p in Tesco and 34p in ASDA.

Wilko, on the other hand, sells 200 sheets. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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