Cleaning: Lynsey Crombie recommends washing your clothes with bicarb of soda because it’s “very adaptable.”


Cleaning: Lynsey Crombie recommends washing your clothes with bicarb of soda because it’s “very adaptable.”

TIPS FOR CLEANING CAN SAVE TIME AND ENSURE THAT YOUR HOME IS SPARKLING. Lynsey Queen of Clean, a cleaning influencer, talked about the cleaning hero bicarbonate of soda.

Many people are unaware that bicarbonate of soda can be used in the washing machine. To keep the color of white clothes, mix some in with it.

Lynsey is a regular guest on ITV’s This Morning, where she gives her advice.

She also has over 100,000 Instagram followers.

“Bicarb is fantastic to use in your laundry because it’s a natural whitener,” Lynsey informed this website.

“So, if you have a white load to wash, just throw in a big spoonful of bicarb to keep those whites white and give them that ping.”

“It’s a fantastic, incredibly versatile product,” she continued.

What else may bicarbonate of soda be used for around the house, according to Lynsey?

“Bicarbonate is particularly good at absorbing odours,” she explained. You can use it to produce a DIY fabric refresher.”

She described how she did it. “So just use bicarb and an essential oil and leave it overnight, and it’ll suck up all that terrible stuff,” Lynsey explained.

The specialist advised pouring white power in shoes that had begun to stink.

“If you have teenage guys or girls with particularly stinky shoes, like trainers, put some bicarb in,” she advised.

She also recommended placing it in the fridge to get rid of the odor.

“If you put curry or a piece of fish in the fridge and it starts to stink, a tiny dish of bicarb buried in the back of your fridge will absorb all of those odours,” she explained.

Lynsey also talked about her two go-to cleaning products, which she described as “cheap as chips.”

According to the expert, all a household requires is bleach and dishwashing liquid.

“Buy one washing up liquid and one toilet beach, and honestly, that’s all you need in your cleaning cabinet,” Lynsey advised.

Then, as Lynsey Queen of Clean recommends, you can augment these household items.

“I believe in combining them with white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and lemons, as well as using what you already have in your kitchen cabinets.”

Lynsey also talked about her favorite low-cost limescale remover.

“In your toilet, it can occasionally become that brown color,” she explained.

“The greatest thing for that is citric acid molecules.

“Once again, citric acid is inexpensive; it costs approximately a pound. “Brinkwire Summary News” says it all.


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