Cleaning: Instead of using a plunger, use baking soda to unclog your toilet.


Cleaning: Instead of using a plunger, use baking soda to unclog your toilet.

CLEANING your bathroom is a simple task that should be done on a regular basis to prevent bacterial growth. Your toilet may become clogged at any time, and unclogging it is a vital duty to complete in the bathroom, despite being unpleasant.

Toilets can quickly become blocked, but asking a plumber for assistance can be embarrassing. Fortunately, unblocking a toilet without a plumber or a plunger is simple.

Dyno-Rod, a British plumbing business, has offered recommendations on how to unblock a toilet quickly and easily.

There are a variety of techniques to unclog a toilet, but the first step is to switch off the water supply.

To turn off the water supply to the toilet, simply access the “flapper” in the cistern tank and close it.

When you begin the task of unblocking your toilet, this will reduce the possibility of flooding.

Baking soda and vinegar are one of the finest ways to unclog a toilet without using a plunger.

In a cup, mix four teaspoons baking soda and white vinegar, according to Dyno-Rod.

Pour the liquid down the toilet as soon as it starts to fizz in the cup, and let it work on the clog for about five minutes.

If a subsequent flush fails to clear the toilet, repeat the process using more baking soda.

Soda crystals and vinegar are another option.

It’s similar to baking soda, but it’s crystallized.

Pour a cup of white vinegar and a handful of crystals down the toilet.

Allow for a few minutes for the mixture to set before carefully dumping a kettle full of boiling water down the toilet and flushing.

Another useful home item for unblocking the toilet is dishwashing liquid.

According to Dyno-Rod, this procedure is particularly successful at removing clogged toilet paper.

Start by squeezing half a bottle of dishwashing liquid into the toilet bowl, which will sink to the bottom.

Pour a pail of water down the u-bend to flush the washing up liquid out.

This should hopefully remove the obstruction.

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Another item that not only dissolves clogs but also leaves your toilet feeling fresh is washing powder.

To begin, simply pour around two handfuls of washing powder down the toilet. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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