Cleaning challenge to’reclaim some space in your home’ ‘Feels so good!’


Cleaning challenge to’reclaim some space in your home’ ‘Feels so good!’

CLEANING can be intimidating, but a simple task to kickstart your New Year cleaning has cleaners feeling “so good.”

A New Year cleaning challenge could be just what you need to get your housekeeping routine back on track after the holiday chaos.

Clean Mama is the brainchild of Becky, a cleaning and housekeeping expert.

Hundreds of thousands of people follow the platform, which encourages people to keep their homes clean.

Becky has assisted hundreds of people in maintaining order and peace in their homes.

Her fans are now joining her in the “Kick the Clutter Challenge,” which she started at the start of the year.

“The new year is a great time to start new habits and clear some clutter,” she wrote on Clean Mama’s Facebook page.

The first task is to remove three bags from the room.

“Get three bags of stuff to get out of the house,” Becky explained.

“Collect trash, garbage, and anything else that can be donated, recycled, or thrown away.”

“Take care of it and get it out of your house once and for all.”

“You can either stop at three bags or keep going; it’s up to you to figure out what works best for you and your schedule.”

Before throwing anything away, donate items you no longer use to charity or give them to friends and family.

As work and school resume, it’s also a good time to take down any decorations left over from the holiday season.

“I’ll be packing up and putting away Christmas decorations today as well,” Becky explained.

Decluttering the house is an important step to take before beginning the cleaning process.

Many of Becky’s followers were already feeling better about their homes as a result of her task.

“Did mine,” said one follower.

“I’m so excited to keep going!”

“I was already doing this,” another said.

I donated some today and am getting ready to sell more.

It’s wonderful!”

“Just what I needed to get the year started,” one person said.

One said, “This is a great idea,” while another wrote, “Woo hoo I did it.”

Becky uses the Clean Mama Instagram account to assign daily cleaning tasks to her followers in order to keep them on track.

Cleaning enthusiasts can join the community and download worksheets to help them get started.

Kat Springer of Clean Mama, another cleaning influencer, posted a video detailing the method she uses to keep her fridge clean and organized.

She is based on Australia’s Gold Coast and has a huge fan base.

Kat is the owner of Organised HQ, a company that specializes in organizing and cleaning supplies.

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