Cleaning advice from royal experts: FOUR polishing and dusting tricks


Cleaning advice from royal experts: FOUR polishing and dusting tricks

DUSTING and polishing are frequently overlooked in favor of other cleaning jobs, but a little effort here and there may make a big impact. The specialists at Blenheim Castle have shared their cleaning secrets with this website so that your home will gleam like a palace as well.

Near Oxford, Blenheim Palace is home to more than 300 years of history, including numerous important relics, artworks, and furniture. The cleaning team at Blenheim Palace plays a vital part in the upkeep of the historical grounds as a World Heritage Site. This website has some of the cleaning specialists’ best ideas on everything from polishing silver to cleaning leather.

Many of us are proud of our glass ornaments, but in order to keep them looking their best, any dust that has formed on them should be removed.

When it comes to dusting glass things, the cleaning service at Blenheim Palace informed This website that they don’t need to be dusted very often.

“Dusting once a year with a delicate, lint-free cloth should suffice,” the experts added.

“To remove obstinate filth, apply a mild detergent solution with a cotton bud or pad.

“To remove all detergent, use a pad dampened with de-ionized or distilled water.

“To avoid streaks, dry promptly with kitchen towels and polish with a lint-free cloth.”

Distilled water has been purified through the distillation process, which removes several contaminants from the water.

You’ll need a soft brush to clean your picture frames if you’ve noticed they’ve become a haven for dust.

“Dust frames using a soft brush (pony hair is ideal) and use a vacuum to catch the dust before it settles elsewhere,” the royal cleaning crew said.

If you’re cleaning dust off of a painting frame, be careful not to remove any dust off the artwork’s surface, since this could cause damage.

“Dust on the surface of a painting should only be cleaned by a trained conservator,” the experts added.

Silver should not be polished too often because it is harmful to the metal, but if it has become dull, it should be handled with care.

“Each time metal is cleaned, dusted, or polished, a little of the original metal is lost, so do,” the palace cleaning specialists said.


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