Claudia Winkleman scolds John Whaite after the “emotional” Rumba, telling him, “You’re not allowed!”


Claudia Winkleman scolds John Whaite after ’emotional’ Rumba: ‘You’re not allowed!’

Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman chastised John Whitaite on Saturday night after he expressed his displeasure with Shirley Ballas’ comments on his Rumba with Johannes Radebe.

The remaining contestants on Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 took to the dance floor once more to impress the judges and continue their journey in the BBC competition.

Shirley Ballas was moved by former Bake Off star John Whaite and his partner Johannes Radebe’s Rumba, but when John said he wanted to hug her for her kind words, Claudia Winkleman snapped back and told him he wasn’t allowed.

The dancing duo headed over to the judges after performing their Rumba to Sting’s Shape Of My Heart.

“You could have a straighter leg for the hip action,” Craig Revel Horwood said of the routine.

“Actually, I’m quite moved, I really feel quite emotional after watching that,” said head judge and ‘Rumba Queen’ Shirley Ballas.

“I actually can’t agree with you Craig; I’m standing right here watching your leg bend and straighten, the precision of your feet.”

“The fact that you stripped down the entire Rumba and made it more pure and kept it so simple,” she continued, “was so fitting.”

“I’m getting choked up, it was so perfect for both of you, it was atmospheric, it had a lovely quality to it, and it had changes of timing.”

“It stayed at about a goldish level, which I think is amazing because you can win a championship with simple fundamentals, so it was class personified for me.”

They then joined Claudia Winkleman to talk about the judges’ comments, to which John responded, “I’m feeling a little emotional right now.”

“To be able to do this with Johannes, it’s a dance based on mutual respect and the movement of it all, I didn’t think I’d get the chance to do it.”

“And you really wanted to channel your inner Shirley Ballas,” Claudia continued, “I believe you were watching videos going ‘What would Shirley do?’ It made her emotional as well, she was blown away by it.”

John and Johannes were overjoyed after receiving a 35 out of 40 and a 10 from Shirley.

“Oh, I’d give her a cuddle if,” John exclaimed, unable to contain his joy.

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