Claudia Winkleman joins Dan Walker in apologizing for his cheeky wife remark.


Claudia Winkleman joins Dan Walker in apologizing for his cheeky wife remark.

As presenter Claudia Winkleman waded in, Dan Walker delivered an on-air apology after the BBC host made a cheeky wife jibe.

Dan Walker, 44, appeared on Radio 2 with Claudia Winkleman to talk about the BBC Breakfast special for the Tokyo Olympics 2021. The newscaster revealed what motivates him to get out of bed for the early morning show, making a playful dig at his wife Sarah Walker.

The father of three admitted that he had to set four alarm clocks to be up and ready in time for BBC Breakfast.

Dan mentioned that he sets his alarm for 3.03 a.m. in order to get a few more minutes of sleep.

Claudia was perplexed as to how he managed to avoid disturbing his other half in the mornings.

“Can you just confirm…?” Claudia inquired. “How about a 3 a.m. wake-up call?”

“Yes,” Dan said, “but 3 a.m. seems a little early.” It was 3.11 a.m. when I set my alarm – it can’t be an even number – but it used to be 3.11 a.m.

“It now goes off at 3.03 a.m. since 3.04 a.m. seemed to be too late.”

The Breakfast host was then asked by the Radio 2 host if he had ever slept through his alarm.

Dan confirmed that it had happened before, but not when he was with his family at home.

“It occurred once,” he said. Never at home, where I have four alarm clocks. I’ve never gotten to the fourth alarm.

“I was staying in a hotel while I was performing a concert overseas, and Louise [Minchin] called me at 5.05 a.m. and asked, ‘Shouldn’t you be here?’”

Claudia then complimented Dan’s wife for being understanding about her husband’s four alarm clocks blaring in the wee hours of the morning.

She chuckled as she said, “I admire how understanding your wife is to have four alarms I imagine all over the room.” “‘Don’t worry, darling; I’ve got the first one.’ I’m in the shower, and the second alarm has just gone off.’

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“Anyway…” Claudia began to stutter.

Dan quickly intervened, laughing, “[My wife] sleeps like a horse.” So she’s all right.”

“Well, that’s fantastic,” said the Radio 2 broadcaster.

The Breakfast host tried to amend his sarcastic remark by saying, “I don’t know.” Brinkwire Summary News


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