Clarence House’s BEAUTIFUL decorating by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has been unveiled.


CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall has unveiled the sophisticated interior of Clarence House in a recent snap of her working from her London residence – but what does the royal abode really look like inside?

Clarence House is just one of the many royal residences boasting expensive interiors and a recent glimpse into the city mansion has proven that the official residence of Camilla and Prince Charles is no exception. With gold-detailing and extravagant furnishings surrounding the Duchess, Clarence House captures the essence of royalty both in and out – and these pictures show the royal property in all its glory.

Royal fans have been treated to yet another peek into the London home of Prince Charles and Camilla, following a recent Instagram post by the official Clarence House page.

The Duchess of Cornwall was snapped wearing a rich, navy blue pleated dress while sitting in one of the many reading-rooms of the £55milion property.

Camilla’s royal attire boasted a sharp contrast to the more subtle colours of the stunning room which features muted shades of blue decorated with gold details.

It is clear that the room belongs to royalty though its simplistic layout and furnishings make it somewhat modest.

The room is decorated similarly to the average family home, with a cosy rug and personal photographs arranged on wooden cabinets set against a white backdrop.

Built between 1825-1827, Clarence House remains a classic property with the traditional interiors still intact.

A glass cabinet of patterned china plates can be seen stacked on a dark wood-panelled side-board which sits behind Camilla’s floral, upholstered armchair.

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While the royal couple lives life largely in the public eye, details of their private living quarters remain largely out of sight.

Public appearances and famous visitors to Clarence House have given royal fans some insight into the interior palette of the royal home – showing the royal family’s love for the classic design of traditional furnishings against intricately detailed walls, ceilings and floors.

The same room where the Duchess of Cornwall was pictured earlier this month has been previously photographed when Prince Charles gave King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands a tour of Clarence House.

Pictured in the doorway of the room where Camilla was seen, Prince Charles and. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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