Claire Fraser teases ‘troublesome’ co-star as ‘a disaster’ in Season 6 of Outlander.


Claire Fraser teases ‘troublesome’ co-star as ‘a disaster’ in Season 6 of Outlander.

Season six of OUTLANDER will see the Fraser family do everything they can to safeguard their home, but not everything goes as planned. Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser, complained of a “troublesome” co-star during filming.

At New York Comic-Con, the Outlander cast gathered to reveal a first look at season six of the Starz series and discuss filming the upcoming episodes. Caitriona Balfe and John Bell spoke about their “disaster” co-star, while the rest of the actors remained tight-lipped about the stories.

The cast was asked, “Have you ever had a mishap with an on-set animal?”

“The dog,” Sam Heughan replied. What about the canine companion? It appears to be…” Caitriona rushed in, “I feel like Rollo is simply a disaster.”

However, John Bell, who plays Young Ian, defended his on-screen partner, saying, “But he’s our disaster.”

“I believe it is pretty tough to ride a horse while simultaneously trying to control a dog at the same time.”

“You’re yelling ‘go, go, go,’ but you want Rollo to stay when he’s leaving.

“So you say, ‘No, remain Rollo,’ but the horse comes to a halt. It’s quite a lot.” Meanwhile, Sam teased about their new Christie family co-stars, saying, “You’re going to love them, and you’re going to loathe them.” “The Browns are quite dangerous…they’re not very pleasant people,” he subsequently added of another family.” Claire will have a hard time coping with the events of the season five finale.

“Claire has always been so brilliant at compartmentalising everything,” Caitriona explained, “she normally puts a lid on things and moves on.”

“This is the first time she can’t control what happens, and this is the first time she has to deal with it.”

“We notice she’s a little unsettled.” This pervades every part of her existence.

“As much as she would like to carry on as if nothing had happened, it has an impact on every aspect of her life, particularly her work as a healer/doctor.”

Fans may be concerned that, with the Revolutionary War looming, Jamie may be busy, but Sam assures them that she will not be, and that he is “keeping an eye on her.”

“The war is coming — it always seems to be coming, but it is coming — and Jamie is really having to walk a tightrope between his allegiance,” he continued.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “He knows he’s.”


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