Cineworld provides a significant update to Unlimited Card holders ahead of temporary closure


Following the company’s decision to temporarily close the doors of all its UK cinemas, Cineworld has given Unlimited Card holders an update.

Cineworld said it would close 127 locations in the U.K. at Cineworld and Picturehouse. Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic and the industry’s problems.

On Friday, owing to the pandemic of Covid 19, the Bond film No Time To Die was postponed for the second time.

Now, when the theater is closed, Cineworld has sent an email to all Unlimited Card holders reminding them of their options.

Complete: all Cineworld and Picturehouse cinemas in Scotland close by.

An Unlimited Card allows paying customers to see as many movies as they like per month and, depending on how long the card has been held, provides various advantages.

Customers can also get access to Unlimited Previews, where before their UK release date, movies are shown.

“It is with great sorrow that we contact you to inform you that all Cineworld cinemas across the UK and Ireland will be closed from Friday (9 October) until further notice,” says an alert for Unlimited customers.

We’re sure you’re curious what that means for your membership with Unlimited, so we wanted to give you an update. As with the last time we closed briefly, under the terms of your Lifetime membership, your membership will continue.

If you pay monthly for your Unrestricted membership, rest assured that during the termination, we will not allow unlimited payments. For debit orders already placed, some payments will still be received in the next couple of days. As we will give a credit and decrease your first monthly fee(s) when we reopen appropriately, you will not lose any prepaid time.

Cineworld ‘closing all UK cinemas’ becomes ‘unprofitable’ as industry

If you prefer, we would be pleased to refund in full all payments made in October, so that in that month you did not use your Unlimited card. If you would like to refund your October payment, you can call us before Friday when our call center is temporarily closed on 0333 003 3444 or email [email protected]

Alternatively, your membership will be extended for the closing time (at no extra cost) if you have prepaid your membership annually and you will continue to enjoy your membership for that extended period until our cinemas are open again.

So if you have a red card at present and your anniversary occurs within the closure period, you will be upgraded to a black card so that once we reopen, you can use your premium membership.

We will be open until Thursday, October 8, at the end of the game. So you still have a couple of days to redeem your free regular popcorn & free regular nachos (uploaded to your Unlimited card) and last Friday we sent you the free IMAX uplift code. Don’t panic if you don’t have a chance to redeem your freebies by then! For all active members with a direct debit set up, we are extending the deals for 3 weeks from our reopening date.


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