Cinderella fans have slammed a new Amazon film for a storyline alteration that they believe has gone too far.


Cinderella fans have slammed a new Amazon film for a storyline alteration that they believe has gone too far.

CINDERELLA is getting a new adaptation from Amazon Prime Video, and while many lovers of the story are excited about it, some aren’t happy with some of the plot’s modifications.

A new and better version of the Cinderella story will be released next month on Amazon Prime Video. Cinderella, sometimes known as Ella, is a destitute young woman who aspires to start her own clothes business. Camila Cabello plays her. Ella is given the opportunity to attend the King’s ball in a magnificent gown and glass slippers when she is visited by her Fabulous Godmother (Billy Porter). Ella is asked to be a princess by Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine), but she declines his offer in favor of her business, according to the trailer, which was released this week.

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“What about my work?” Ella may be heard saying. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life waving from a royal box.

“I require more than a life spent in a basement.”

This alteration did not sit well with fans of the old story.

“Now why would Cinderella, who was virtually a slave WANT to work some more instead of living in a palace where she can use their resources to serve the locals omfg the girlbossification of classics has gone too far,” one Twitter user commented. (sic)

“Amazon is cruel as hell, they’re trying to feed us a scenario where a female who is treated like a slave appreciates her ‘work’ more than her freedom GOODBYEEEE,” said another. (sic)

“Like the whole point is she’s being abused by her stepmother forcing her to work… why would she give up her ticket out of that life?” a third agreed. (sic)

Despite the fact that the show’s sudden transformation has divided viewers, many are still thrilled for the next film.

“I can’t wait to watch @Camila Cabello as Cinderella in #CinderellaMovie,” one fan exclaimed. It’s going to be fantastic!! I’m aware of it!”

“YES FINALLY HE IS AMONG US!” tweeted another devotee. besties I sobbed and felt goosebumps while watching the trailer! “Brinkwire Summary News.” I’m really proud of everyone.”


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