Chucky Didn’t Terrify Young Andy Actor In ‘Child’s Play’


Chucky Didn’t Terrify Young Andy Actor In ‘Child’s Play’

Alex Vincent has come a long way since his Child’s Play twinning with Chucky.

He landed the role of Andy Barclay, the little kid who became the subject of Chucky’s soul transfer mission, when he was just six years old.

The malevolent doll was far from a good person, and the film brought fears of frightening toys coming to life to life.

Vincent, on the other hand, claims that Chucky’s rampage had no effect on him during or after filming.

Andy may have been afraid by Chucky, but actor Alex Vincent was not.

The persistent pursuit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray’s routine success wrecked havoc on Andy Barclay, an innocent bystander.

He found his way into Andy’s house after transferring himself into Chucky and began a new murdering spree.

Andy was made an accomplice to arson after he killed Aunt Maggie, and the poor boy ended up in a psychiatric facility.

Andy was subjected to even more trauma after Chucky assassinated Dr.

Ardmore, as well as at home, when he tried to kill his mother.

Vincent was unfazed by any of it. Why? Chucky’s motions were engineered via puppetry, and he was unaware of the murder sequences throughout filming.

He discussed the non-terrifying method in an interview with the Pounding the Meat podcast.

“At that point, we didn’t see what Chucky looked like on screen.” “We had no idea,” Vincent admitted. “We were attempting to sell it and make it look authentic because it didn’t look real in real life.” He claimed that he didn’t watch any clips while they were filming because he was a child actor. Instead, Vincent got to see Chucky in action for the first time when the rest of the world did. “Until that premiere, I hadn’t seen anything on film.” He enjoyed watching the story unfold on television, as well as the reactions of the audience, and then taking part in the sequel.

Vincent’s mother was only concerned about one aspect of ‘Child’s Play.’

Have you ever wondered how parents respond when their children are cast as victims in horror films? Despite the fact that the plot of Child’s Play revolved around Chucky seeking Andy, Vincent’s mother had one condition for her son. In a 2011 interview with The MacGuffin, he discussed it.

“My mother did not want me to die in the movie,” he explained. “That was her sole concern — or, at least, the only one I’d heard about in all these years.” Vincent said the audition procedure had whittled it down to him and two other youngsters, and his mother was overjoyed that he had gotten the position. “I had no real concerns about the film’s content having an impact on me.” Brinkwire Entertainment has some breaking news.


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