Christys skewered in NHS backlog debate: ‘Where’d you do journalism!’ erupts a GB News spat.


Christys skewered in NHS backlog debate: ‘Where’d you do journalism!’ erupts a GB News spat.

In the controversy over the NHS backlog, Christys was skewered: ‘Where did you do journalism!’ a GB News squabble erupts

When the two began debating the NHS backlog on Monday morning, former NHS Trust Chairman Roy Lilley gave GB NEWS’ newest presenter Patrick Christys some harsh remarks.

After a year and a half of delays and postponements due to the coronavirus outbreak, GB News hosts Patrick Christys and Mercy Muroki welcomed Roy Lilley onto the channel to talk about the ever-growing NHS waiting list. Following reports that the NHS waiting list might exceed 14 million people by fall 2022, Christys kicked out his 9 a.m. show on Monday with a rant about whether the NHS was “built for purpose,” and he interrogated Lilley on what would happen next. A quarrel erupted after the former TalkRADIO anchor said that doctors did not want to return to their jobs.

Christys initiated the conversation by asking Lilley the “built for purpose” question just moments after joining them via video link.

“It’s [the NHS]come through a really awful period, that’s for sure,” Lilley added before returning to Christys’ opening address.

“Despite the fact that you stated the NHS was overloaded in your prior rant, Covid did not overrun the NHS. By the skin of their teeth, it made it through Covid, and a lot of individuals put in a lot of effort and performed heroically.

“The NHS was unprepared for it, as did the government, and we were underpaid for it, but the NHS persevered.”

Lilley then turned his attention to the backlog, alleging that it is caused, among other things, by vulnerable people sheltering and remaining at home.

Lilley was irritated when Christys interjected to say that GPs had to be “convinced” to return to work.

“Is the NHS up for it, though, given that you know GPs have to be convinced to return to work, and there’s discussion of an NHS strike -“ Christys asked before Lilley cut him off.

The narrator continues, “Hold it, hold it, hold it.” Stop. Lilley put his hand to the camera and said, “Stop.” “Can you explain what you mean when you say that doctors must (be encouraged) to return to work?”

Christys said, “Well, they had to be assured by the British Medical Journal that they genuinely had.” Brinkwire Summary News


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