Christmas Secret Santa: The Most Affordably Priced Gifts (Under £15)


SECRET Santa is a Christmas tradition where a group of people are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. There is usually a spending limit to make it fair, here are some great presents on the market this year for under £15.

The aim of Secret Santa is for the gift giver to remain secret. From personalised gifts to funny mimics, Secret Santa doesn’t have to be expensive, with the majority of small gifts £15 or less. This website has rounded up a selection of gifts, perfect to give to your colleague or family member.

Although Christmas is still more than two months away, many might start thinking about what they are going to purchase for other people.

With many people back in the office this year, Secret Santa may also be back on for a lot of people.

For those who like to gift personalised items, Koko Blossom have the perfect presents this year.

Its Personalised Name Pillowcase is on sale for just £14.50, while its Personalised Hand Sanitiser Pouch retails for £15.

You can also purchase a personalised Monogram Notebook for just £12, the perfect accessory for a desk or stationery collection.

For those with a sweet tooth, a chocolate gift might be a good option.

Hotel Chocolat have something for everyone this Christmas including The Winter Puddings H-Box, retailing for £13.50.

The box brings together 14 best-loved dessert-inspired recipes including a brownie flavoured chocolate and a chocolate orange one.


Hotel Chocolat also has a variety of Christmas themed gifts including its Jolly Penguin for £8, which is made using 40 percent milk chocolate.

Candy Kittens also makes the perfect Secret Santa gifts, with the company releasing its festive jars.

For just £7, Candy Kittens festive jars are the great gift and come in a sour watermelon flavour.

The Naked Marshmallow also have tasty gifts on offer this year.

You can choose any three flavours to make a delicious bundle for just £12 – shop flavours here.

This includes vanilla bean, candy floss, salted caramel, chocolate orange and strawberry cream.

The Naked Marshmallow are award-winning gourmet marshmallows made in the UK.

There are also a variety of different candles on the market this year, perfect for a Secret Santa gift.

This includes Laura Ashley’s candle range which retail for £12.

Customers can pick up a variety of different scents including bergamot and lime, sweetie. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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