Christmas pantomimes: Here are the highs and lows of celebrity pantomimes.


Christmas pantomimes: Here are the highs and lows of celebrity pantomimes.

Our favorite pantomimes have come to an end this year! Most of us have missed our seasonal sprinkling of fairy dust, magic beans, glass slippers, genies, and terrible witches due to coronavirus. If all goes well, these holiday goodies will be available again next year. Until then, let’s reminisce about the highs and lows of pantomime.

When the soaring hero was left high and dry in St Albans, he was starring in Peter Pan. He recalls, “The girl playing Pan was to fly on from the back of the theatre.” “She got off to a good start, but then she got trapped in the middle of the roof, dangling above everyone’s heads. We couldn’t get her down no matter how hard we tried. We had to put the concert on hold while we retrieved her because she was stuck like a good ‘un.”

She was a major panto favourite before her sad death in 2015, but she never forgot the day she was upstaged by a cheeky toddler during a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. When it came to fighting the monster, when she was playing Jack, she turned to the crowd and asked, “What shall I do with him, kids?” “Sing to him!” exclaimed one bright spark.

He was performing in a pantomime in Birmingham when he experienced chest pains and felt he was suffering cardiac problems, so he went to a physician. “It turned out that I had pulled a muscle in my chest?” he recalled. by hurling candy at the children in the upper circle.”

Pantomime was not a wonderful leveller for me. “I was the principal boy in one of my first pantos, and the heel came off my shoe,” she revealed. “I had to do the entire dancing scene while limping about in two different heights of shoes.

“You simply have to laugh it off in pantomime.”

has a plethora of anecdotes from his time in the pantomime. “Unfortunately, this resulted in the eye-holes of his ghost costume being lifted over his own eyes, so he couldn’t see a thing,” one too excited actor said after raising his arms too high while playing a scary ghost. He walked straight into the orchestra pit instead of exiting stage left.”

When he aged 60, he unwillingly stopped performing pantomimes but continued to write them. “My favorite part of every panto was when we’d get youngsters up on stage,” he once told me.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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