Christine Lampard stunned as Simon Amstell mocked daytime television on Lorraine.


Christine Lampard stunned as Simon Amstell mocked daytime television on Lorraine.

On Friday morning’s episode of Lorraine, CHRISTINE LAMPARD struggled to keep her cool when Simon Amstell plunged the broadcast into disarray with a series of embarrassing statements.

Lorraine’s replacement, Christine Lampard, has been hosting a variety of guests and themes.

On Friday, she was joined by Simon Amstell, the comedian and star of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, who put her presenting abilities to the test with his funny personality.

Simon went after Loose Women and even questioned Christine about her intentions to take over Lorraine’s show full-time.

“It’s been a dreadful business,” Simon explained to Christine about not being able to work during the COVID-19 outbreak. For the most part, I’ve had to sit at home watching terrible daytime television.” Surprised by his remark, Christine interjected: “Excuse me! Clearly not this show” Simon instantly realized his error and joked, “Not this no, but like Loose Women and that kind of thing.” “No, don’t go there!” ” Christine interjected, preventing Simon from continuing.

“Oh… No, I love Loose Women,” he joked sarcastically.

He quipped, “I mean, it’s very modern now, remember when it was just white ladies?” “I mean, it’s extremely modern now, remember when it was just white women,” he said.

Christine joked, “We’ve got it, we’ve nailed it,” as Simon continued, “Those were different times weren’t it, it was a different time in 2016.” Christine tried to keep Simon on topic during the interview as he refused to discuss on his impending tour.

“You have such wonderful teeth…They can’t have just grown out of you naturally, can they?” he said.

” While Christine was flattered, Simon persisted in questioning her about Lorraine’s replacement.

“Are you going to take this woman’s place or something?”

” Simon inquired.

“I love Lorraine and hope she has a wonderful trip and that nothing bad happens to her.” When it appeared like Christine had finally gotten Simon back on track, he focused on her marriage to former footballer Frank Lampard.

“How are your romantic relationships going? Is Frank still putting his plates in the dishwasher? ” he enquired.

Christine chuckled at Simon’s comments and reassured him that Frank was at home with the kids, before saying, “Why aren’t we married?”

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