Chris Packham discusses how the arson tragedy has affected his stepdaughter Megan, saying, “She’s stoic.”


CHRIS PACKHAM opened up on Monday’s This Morning about the arson attack which recently happened at his home.

Chris Packham joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning to discuss the current ordeal he and his family have been going through. He opened up to the presenters about how his family have been dealing with an arson attack and how it won’t stop his campaign against the illegal persecution of birds of prey in the UK.

Introducing Chris to the show, Phil said: “After his home was targeted in a suspected arson attack on Friday, Chris Packham has vowed that he won’t be intimidated into stopping his campaigns to protect wildlife.”

Holly continued: “So he joins us now to explain why he will continue to pursue causes close to his heart despite the extensive damage caused to his property.

“Chris, good morning, firstly I’m so sorry that you had to go through something like this it’s just mindless and horrible, what happened Friday just explain to anybody that doesn’t know?”

“Thank you, Holly, for your sympathy. It’s very much appreciated,” Chris began: “I had some sympathy from an enormous number of people which has been very, very kind.

“In the early hours of Friday morning, two masked, hooded men put a car full of fuel outside my gates and torched it, and it exploded, setting fire to the gates.

“Fire and rescue turned up pretty quickly and put it out, and I have been working very cooperatively with the police ever since they have been brilliant as ever,” he explained.

Chris continued: “It’s been an escalation if you like as you might recall, people have been tying dead animals to my gate and sending death threats to the post.”

Shocked at what the family has been dealing with, Phil asked: “Chris were you in with the family at the time?”

Chris replied: “Yes, of course, it has an impact, I have a partner and a step-daughter Megan who you know, of course, she is very pleased to be working with you.

“They are relatively stoic, they’re sticking with my determination to carry on with my campaigning, they understand that the nature of these threats.

“But as I say, this is a different type of threat they have actively and proactively damaged our property with an. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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