Chris Jericho didn’t know he’d defeat Steve Austin and The Rock until the night of the game.


For 30 years, Chris Jericho has been a wrestler. He played in independent leagues in those decades, the now-defunct ECW and WCW, WWE, and now AEW. Jericho appeared on Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast Inside of You on Jan. 5, where he revealed the behind-the-scenes secrets about one of his iconic matches against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Steve Austin.

The Rock and Steve Austin were defeated on the same night by Chris Jericho.

For Jericho and the WWE, which was then renamed the WWF, the 2001 Vengeance pay-per-view event was a landmark. For the World Championship, Jericho defeated The Rock and then beat Steve Austin for the WWF Championship. It was a wrestler’s first time holding both titles at the same time.

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“I found out I was going to be the undisputed champion by defeating The Rock and Steve Austin, first The Rock, then Steve Austin in the same night,” Jericho told Rosenbaum. “It was a huge deal for the first time ever to be the undisputed champion. You’d say,’ Well, you probably heard about this months ago.’ You had it planned out.

To build up to this point, the shows were written and scripted.’ No, that’s not true.’

The way Vince McMahon let Chris Jericho know that the champion was going to be

In wrestling, anything is a success. So WWE chief executive Vince McMahon put on a little private display in favor of Jericho.

“I found out that afternoon,” said Jericho. “We were in San Diego. I was catering and Vince McMahon was there with The Undertaker and they were talking, where Vince knew I could hear him, but they weren’t talking to me. He said, “Hey Taker, you know how you know the tubes are going down business? ” ” “We gave Jericho the word. And that’s how I learned that I was going to be the undisputed champion.’

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It was on such short notice that Jericho was not even able to contact his family.

My wife said, ‘Why didn’t you give me an invitation?’ You were supposed to tell me,’ Jericho said.’ I did not know. Until two hours before the show, I hadn’t found out. ‘How were you unable to know? ‘And that is the way the organization is.’

He didn’t need much time to arrange The Rock and Steve Austin matches.

With Johnson and Austin, two hours was all that Jericho wanted to hammer out their breakthrough matches.

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“Together,” Jericho said, “we can do this. “We have great chemistry, so we can put together a match in half an hour. It wouldn’t take much time. Not even that long maybe. In wrestling, I have a reputation that it’s very easy to bring together if you have a match with Jericho.

There may have been other wrestlers dragging the process out, but Jericho did not.

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There are people who sit there and cook shit for six hours. Not me, buddy. We have it for twenty minutes, then we’re done.

Then we’re going to think a little bit about it, come back and maybe bring some other stuff in there and change some things, but there’s no need to sit for six hours.

In six hours, there is nothing you can come up with that you can’t come up with in 20 minutes if you have a little planning in your brain…. During the match, we could change everything in the ring.

That’s good too, but putting anything together should never take hours and hours and hours. Chris Jericho, Inside of You Podcast, 1/5/211


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