Chris Harris speculates that Verstappen may regret his remark about Hamilton’s “disrespectful” celebration.


Chris Harris speculates that Verstappen may regret his remark about Hamilton’s “disrespectful” celebration.

CHRIS HARRIS, a Top Gear host, believes Max Verstappen may come to regret his remark about Lewis Hamilton’s British Grand Prix victory celebrations today.

Chris Harris, 46, has responded to a tweet from Max Verstappen, 23, who slammed his F1 rival Lewis Hamilton, 36, after he won the British Grand Prix this evening. After colliding with Lewis in a terrifying incident, the Dutch racing driver expressed his disappointment at being forced to withdraw from the race today.

“First and foremost: I’m pleased I’m okay,” Max wrote in a passionate message. At 51G, it had a significant impact, but I’m feeling much better now.

“Obviously, I’m upset about being kicked out like this.

“The penalty isn’t helpful to us in any way, and it doesn’t reflect the risky maneuver Lewis made on the track.

“Watching the post-race celebrations while still in the hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike,” he said, “but we move on.”

Top Gear host Chris Evans responded by predicting that Max would come to regret his statements.

“I’m a Lewis fan,” he commented on Twitter. I’m also a Max admirer. Max’s tweet, on the other hand, I believe he will come to regret.”

While fans were split on the track, they questioned both drivers’ behaviour.

“Regardless of who you support, I believe it is reasonable to state that Max would have won today given the pace he had, and Lewis knew it,” one person said. In any case, it was a horrible crash, and it did appear desperate for the first lap. Lewis didn’t seem to care about Max’s pain, and it showed.”

“I disagree on the grounds that Max was defending on the straight, Lewis tried to go left and Max cut him off, thus he ran inside,” a second responded. It’s nothing more than a racing mishap.”

“They were both at fault, both expecting the other to back out,” said a third. But, don’t we all want to see some wheel-to-wheel action? Winners and losers will always exist.”

Lewis says he was unaware that Max was in hospital during his post-race festivities, which were similar to his normal at Silverstone.

Lewis, when told of the news in an interview with Sky F1 before posting his statement, said, “I didn’t know that…Brinkwire Summary News.”


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