Chris Harris speaks out about his Top Gear ‘guilt’ as the star teases a huge show shift.


Chris Harris speaks out about his Top Gear ‘guilt’ as the star teases a huge show shift.

CHRIS HARRIS has spoken out about his “guilt” of driving non-electric vehicles and his wants to make the transition to help combat global warming.

With a fresh new series of Top Gear on BBC One, Chris Harris, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, and Paddy McGuinness are back behind the wheel. The new series begins on Sunday, when the trio travels to the British Grand Prix for a once-in-a-lifetime competition against some of Formula One’s best drivers. Chris talked out about his sentiments of “guilt” when driving petrol and diesel cars when the COP26 conference was still going on in Glasgow and following the fuel shortage problem.

In September 2021, automobiles queued for fuel at petrol stations across the United Kingdom as a crisis arose due to a scarcity of tanker drivers.

Many drivers were anxious about how they would go to and from destinations if they didn’t have any gasoline in their vehicles.

Climate change has become a major concern in recent years, with naturalists such as David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg warning that “time is running out.”

The COP26 summit in Glasgow, which has been going on for a few weeks, has brought together world leaders to present a plan to start saving the planet.

Electric car sales have increased in recent years, and they have become increasingly popular as a result of the fuel problem and climate change warnings.

Chris revealed to Radio Times that he feels “guilty” about driving: “I can’t deny it’s at the back of my mind all the time, so I’ve begun driving a little less.”

“When I go to the BBC’s London office, I now take my bike on the train.” I’m not doing it to show off my moral superiority. It’s faster and a lot more enjoyable than sitting in traffic.” “I’m about to buy a hybrid car with a 100-mile electric range and a petrol engine,” he replied when asked if he would buy electric automobiles in the future.

“However, on a lengthy journey, you’ll need a fuel-efficient gasoline engine because the infrastructure for electric vehicles isn’t currently in place.”

Chris also stated that he and the rest of the Top Gear team have “taken on board” environmental worries about racing around in petrol cars, implying that a lot more electric vehicles could be on the way. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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