Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable again in the final season clues, according to Lucifer season 6 theories.


Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable again in the final season clues, according to Lucifer season 6 theories.

LUCIFER became the new God at the end of the devil’s newest Netflix exploits, but may a slew of spoiler-heavy images from the last season jeopardize his new powers?

Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) will make one more appearance in the Netflix mega hit’s sixth and final season. Saving the world has never been easier… or so they think, with the power of God (Dennis Haysbert) on their side.

Stills from the upcoming season of the Biblical fantasy show Lucifer suggest that the fallen son of God won’t be able to keep his heavenly father’s skills for long.

Lucifer sacrificed himself to free his dead girlfriend Chloe from Heaven after putting his twin brother Michael’s plans to rest in the season five finale.

Following God’s retirement, his good deeds earned him the right to claim his father’s throne, earning him the almighty powers of the Ruler of Creation.

Lucifer will have to watch his back in the forthcoming sixth season, as some of his angelic brothers and sisters may not be pleased with the devil settling in the Silver City.

The first photographs from Lucifer’s last season have offered a number of indications about what’s to come before the show’s upcoming return in September.

A disturbing series of photos from the fourth episode of the previous installment imply Lucifer may soon be having performance concerns with his newfound abilities.

The premise of the episode is unknown, though it has been confirmed to be called “Pin the Tail on the Baddie.”

However, the initial photographs show Lucifer and Chloe engaged in a tight shootout with a man brandishing a double-barrelled shotgun.

While Chloe stands behind him, Lucifer boldly holds the gun to his chest, daring the attacker to pull the trigger with an outraged face.

The following shot shows the two of them sprawled on the floor, Lucifer’s suit ripped apart over his stomach, and both of their faces filled with horror.

Despite having his father’s boundless powers, Lucifer appears to have been thrown back by a meager shotgun blast.

Their reactions in the scene also show that neither of them expected Lucifer to be knocked off his feet by the onslaught.

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