Cheryl pays an emotional tribute to Sarah Harding on her birthday, remembering the late actress.


On Sarah Harding’s birthday, Cheryl pays an emotional tribute to the late actress.

Sarah Harding would have turned 40 today (November 17), but the Girls Aloud star died tragically in September after being diagnosed with cancer.

Cheryl has paid an emotional tribute to her friend Sarah Harding, who would have turned 40 this year.

The much-loved actress passed away on September 5, just 39 months after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cheryl has shared a hilarious montage of her time on Girls Aloud, including some of Sarah’s most memorable moments.

The video, which lasted over a minute and a half, featured the girls having a good time onstage, backstage, and on TV shows, as well as Cheryl and the other members talking about Sarah.

“Memories may be all we’ve got, but they’re enough to last a lifetime,” Cheryl wrote in the caption, adding a sparkle emoji and the hashtag “(hashtag)Sarahs40th” at the end.

Cheryl spoke about Sarah in a throwback clip, saying, “Always stood out as her own character, kind of the crazy one who was just unique and in her own world.”

Cheryl’s post quickly became inundated with heart emojis, as well as a slew of crying faces.

“Oh my heart,” wrote one person.

“I’m a mess after watching that,” one person said.

“With heartfelt greetings.”

“Oh this is lovely, sending you love,” said a third.

“Happy birthday, beautiful Sarah,” someone else added.

“Remain steadfast.”

Sarah died the day after Cheryl made her long-awaited comeback to the stage with a headlining performance at the Mighty Hoopla festival in London.

The former X Factor judge was supposed to perform at Birmingham Pride a few weeks later, but she had to cancel because of her grief.

“Saying goodbye to someone you spent such a huge part of your life with is like nothing else,” Cheryl told fans at the time.

“My heart is heavy; grief is such a difficult experience and an emotional rollercoaster.

So many unanswered questions and unresolved pain.

“With that said, I’m really sorry, but I’m not emotionally, mentally, or physically capable of performing for you this Saturday at Birmingham Pride.”

“I sincerely apologize, and I can only ask for your forgiveness.”

I swear I’ll compensate you in some way.

“I think I just need some time to process my grief and sit with my feelings.”

“There’s no way to prepare for this.”

Sarah revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2020, and that it had unfortunately spread.

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