Chef Matthew refused to prepare for the workers, according to Malia White of Below Deck.


Chef Matthew refused to prepare for the workers, according to Malia White of Below Deck.

Malia White, a BELOW DECK bosun, has spoken out about Lady Michelle’s talented but unreliable chef, Matthew Shea.

After two absences during Below Deck Mediterranean’s most recent charter, newcomer to the reality series Chef Matthew has raised some questions. Now that the journey has come to a close behind the scenes, bosun Malia White has spoken out about one of the show’s most contentious moments.

Bosun Malia White claims Matthew Rhea was astonished when he was requested to provide meals for the Lady Michelle crew.

During the sixth episode of the popular Below Deck spin-off, audiences and cast members had mixed reactions to the newcomer.

Rhea was tasked with organizing the superyacht’s sumptuous food and dealing with the charter’s unruly crew as the show’s new chef.

Malia White appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen recently to answer fans’ most urgent questions regarding the new season.

“Why do you think Mat was so surprised when he was asked to cook crew lunch?” one viewer wondered.

“Isn’t that part of every boat chef’s job description, even on a bad day?”

When Chef Matthew was tasked with cooking lunch for the entire crew during the yacht’s drop-off days, he was obviously agitated.

White defended him, saying he was simply astonished when he was assigned even more cooking tasks amid the already tight production schedule for Below Deck.

She stated, “It’s definitely something every chef has to do.”

“I believe he was taken aback… I believe he believed things would be different while filming, but they aren’t.”

In a recent Instagram post, the chef weighed in on the topic as well.

Producers had already told Shea that he wouldn’t have to supply lunch for the charter in between shoots, he alleged.


As a result, he was obviously taken aback when Captain Sandy Yawn informed him that Lady Michelle had already left.

In a recent IG Story, he vented, “Been getting a lot of c**p for getting furious about staff lunch on drop-off day.”

“Ahead of filming, I received an email from production stating that I do not make lunch on drop-off days.

“As a result, I prepared crew Eggs Benedict at 10:30 this morning. There’s a lot more going on than what you see!”

The chef also revealed a number of other reasons that make his job more difficult. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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