Chef Mathew or Chef Kevin’s Food: Jemele Hill from ‘Below Deck’ Reveals Which She Prefers (Exclusive).


Chef Mathew or Chef Kevin’s Food: Jemele Hill from ‘Below Deck’ Reveals Which She Prefers (Exclusive).

Who did the better job as a chef? Chef Kevin Dobson of Below Deck Mediterranean or chef Mathew Shea of Below Deck Mediterranean? Journalist and charter guest Jemele Hill shared her thoughts on her two appearances on the show, stating that one chef in particular shone.

Jemele Hill reveals who was the best cook on ‘Below Deck.’

Hill spoke exclusively to about her trip, describing both chefs as exceptional.

When it came down to it, she preferred Dobson’s food. “To be honest,” she admitted, “Kevin’s cuisine was better.” “I believe Mat put forth a valiant effort.

The majority of the food Mat gave us was delicious. We did, after all, have a few of meals that were, in my opinion, subpar.

But I believe he gave us what we wanted in the end.”

“But I do think Kevin was a little bit more polished,” she continued, “and there was not one horrible dinner that we got from Kevin at all.” “He was firing on all cylinders.” I believe the d*ck cake was the only item I didn’t have [laughs].” During her maiden sail on Below Deck, Hill had her bachelorette party. After Hill had gone to bed, Dobson produced a rather graphic cake in the shape of a penis, which he accidentally handed to the visitors and Captain Lee Rosbach.

The charter guests, on the other hand, became closer to Chef Mathew.

While Hill’s pals liked Shea more on Below Deck Med, she had better meals on Season 7. She said, “They were two distinct types of chefs.” “And, you know, even from a personality viewpoint, I didn’t really get a chance to talk to Kevin until we were on Watch What Happens Live together.”

As a result, I got a glimpse of his personality.

On the boat, however, he was a little more stoic.

“He’s friendly, yet he’s a stoic.”

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When it came to connecting with Shea, she noted, “Whereas Mat was nice.” “I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that he is also a sports lover.” So I believe he recognized me and Michael Eaves, a SportsCenter anchor who was also on the trip. As a result, he became more friendly.

And I know that when the boys talked to him, they genuinely… Brinkwire Entertainment quick news.


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