‘Cheeky c***s!’ says Ricky Gervais in response to a viral video in which a guest calls him “so ugly.”


‘Cheeky c***s!’ says Ricky Gervais in response to a viral video in which a guest calls him “so ugly.”

RICKY GERVAIS responded to a video posted by a Vietnamese YouTube channel in which a guest labeled him “ugly” in a very basic but nasty way.

Ricky Gervais, 60, has never been one to mince words; he’s one of the few ** people who says exactly what he’s thinking, which is why he’s regarded as a national treasure. And he didn’t hold back after a YouTube show guest referred to him as “so ugly” in a video that went viral.

sassy c***s

Ricky Gervais is a British comedian.

With his famed Golden Globes monologues attacking Hollywood’s finest and his stand-up comedy routines garnering him the label of one of the top comedians in the UK, the actor isn’t easily upset.

As a result, we can infer he didn’t take the advice seriously, especially after they mistook him for Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio.

Four sets of pairs were shown a headshot of Ricky and asked to name him in a video by VNYO (Vietnam Yo! ), a channel dedicated to all things Vietnam.

Unfortunately, none of them were able to do so.

However, one side of the first couple continued to make jokes about his appearance.

“Can you tell me who that is?” She laughed as she exclaimed, “So ugly!”

Before they both grabbed for their glasses, the man seated next to her leaned in closer to the monitor, asking the camera crew if Ricky was Leonardo DiCaprio.

His female counterpart, clearly an admirer of the American star, was caught aback and screamed, “No! No!”

Ricky posted the video to his Twitter account after it went live, along with his candid and honest reaction.

He scribbled, with a laughing face, “‘So ugly’ – cheeky c***s,” evidently taking the tongue-in-cheek criticism with a grain of salt.

The following couple were two males who had a hard time remembering things.

“Death to me!” “I can’t remember his name,” one grumbled, his head buried in his fists.

His colleague shook his head as the first continued, “He’s a British comic, but I’ve forgotten his name!”

Ricky plays a dentist who can see and communicate with spirits in the 2008 film Ghost Town.

The fourth and final duo appeared to have a better chance of recognizing the star’s achievements.

“I don’t know what he’s doing today, but he’s in a lot of movies,” the man explained. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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