‘Charm City Kings’ Star of HBO, accused of murdering her husband


Lakeyria Doughty, the actress and dirt bike racer, is currently in prison accused of murdering her girlfriend.

“Charm City Kings,”Charm City Kings,”Moonlight.”Moonlight.

In HBO’s ‘Charm City Kings’, Lakeyria Doughty.

Also starring Meek Mill and Jahi Di’Allo Winston, as well as Teyonah Parris, is the HBO drama film ‘Charm City Kings,’ which premieres in fall 2020.

The film tells the story of Mouse, a 14-year-old boy who is determined to join the most infamous dirt-bike gang in Baltimore.

Doughty plays a member of the dirt bike gang, “Wheelie Queen,” The 26-year-old is, in real life, a fan of motorcycles and dirt bikes.

Doughty’s management team is Syndicate Marketing & Sports, according to her Instagram account.

She also has her own line of apparel that sells backpacks, t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and canvas.

With several pieces featuring her “Wheelie Queen” slogan, the clothing line is unisex.

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The Baltimore native has 57,000 Instagram followers. On January 1st, her last post was Many of her articles feature her favorite set of motorbikes or her riding footage. She also boasts that she is able to perform amazing stunts on bikes.

On her website, a screenshot of a Baltimore Sun article shows that she has worked a lot with Baltimore children, including using dirt bikes to teach the basics of STEM.

Doughty is also a model, in addition to acting and playing sports.

A post from November 2018 confirms a relationship between Doughty and the Gucci fashion company. She also promoted the Milano clothing line, a brand owned by an ex-girlfriend of her co-star, Meek Mill.

Lakeyria Doughty, accused of killing her partner, is currently in prison.

Doughty called Baltimore police at 4:15 a.m., as reported by Baltimore’s NBC station. On New Year’s eve, she got into an argument with her partner, Tiffany Wilson. When police arrived, Wilson was discovered with stab wounds in the abdomen. Wilson was rushed to a hospital nearby, where she died.

Doughty states in police records that Wilson stabbed herself.

In other words, the coroner’s office states that Wilson’s injuries were not inconsistent with self-inflicted injuries.

As for what caused the fight, police investigators read text messages showing Wilson was ending the friendship between Doughty and Wilson.

Allegedly, Doughty went to Wilson’s house to give her the apartment back.

Doughty is accused of murder in the first and second degree, assault in the first and second degree, and assault with a deadly weapon.

People Magazine notes that evidence of a potential struggle was identified in the investigation. It states in the report:

The investigation found signs of a physical altercation that included displaced furniture, scratch marks on the walls, and hair and jewelry in the apartment consistent with a person being physically removed during an assault.

According to People Magazine, the kitchen where the victim was located had a considerable amount of signs of blood and a large knife with suspected blood on the blade and handle.

Next to Wilson, Doughty was allegedly found covered in blood. Sadly, this is not the first domestic abuse incident involving Wilson and Doughty. Police say the two are on file with a history of several domestic incidents. The death of Wilson was the first Baltimore murder in 2021.


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