Charlotte Tilbury’s ambassadors are WayV’s Ten and WinWin, who are ‘scheduled and busy,’ according to fans.


Charlotte Tilbury’s ambassadors are WayV’s Ten and WinWin, who are ‘scheduled and busy,’ according to fans.

Currently, Ten and WinWin are in China on separate projects.

When it was announced that SM Entertainment has ceased all of WayV’s activities for the month, fans were furious. Many suspected that it was related to China’s new entertainment policies and restrictions. However, NCT’s Chinese sub-unit WayV appears to be unaffected. In reality, it was reported on October 11 that two of their members, Ten and WinWin, had been chosen as ambassadors for Charlotte Tilbury’s Chinese range.

This is a portion of the two K-pop superstars’ current activities in China. Ten, who was born in Thailand, and WinWin, who was born in China, are the newest ambassadors for Charlotte Tilbury’s China Magic Beauty collection. They’re also the newest South Korean faces to join the London-based cosmetics company. Previously, ‘Nevertheless’ actress Han So-hee became Charlotte Tilbury’s first South Korean muse when they collaborated with Oh My Girl’s YooA for a photoshoot for Marie Claire’s October issue.

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‘Winwin actor is genuine,’ says WayV star as he establishes a management company for his Chinese acting ventures.

Fans think ‘it must be fantastic’ when Ten explains NCT, WayV, and SuperM’s responsibilities in his life.

In China, WinWin and Ten are the winners.

WinWin has been operating in China for a long time. He also formed a personal agency for his acting jobs in China, according to reports. He has also been cast in two Chinese fantasy dramas, according to reports. In the last several weeks, the remainder of WayV was expected to join him in China. That, however, had been canceled. Others speculate that it’s because of Lucas’ relationship scandals. In China, though, Ten has joined WinWin.

211011 [VIDEO] #TEN & #WINWINWIN on Charlotte Tilbury’s Weibo The new ambassadors for Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic cosmetics brand are *TEN & WINWIN. #WayV #NCT @imchloe yt SM NCT SM NCT SM NCT SM NCT SM NCT SM NCT SM NCT SM_ SM NCT (@SM NCT BACKUP) SM NCT (@SM NCT BACKUP) SM NCT (@SM NCT 11th of October, 2021 Fans rejoiced that the Chinese idol was no longer alone. Last week, the two were spotted on a movie date and shopping together. Fans speculated if Ten and WinWin were together after seeing images of them on a badminton court. YangYang, who turned 10 on October 10, revealed that they were playing badminton and spending time together in a live broadcast. While Ten and WinWin are in China, WayZenNis (WayV’s fandom) believe that new projects with them may be in the works.

‘I’m booked and busy,’ says the narrator.

WayV has been trending on Twitter, with fans expressing their excitement for the group’s future endeavors. “Kun dj ten winwin schedule in China xiaohenyang coming soon on we,” they tweeted. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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