Charlotte Church’s new business venture has thrown her plans into disarray, causing her to “spend her life savings.”


Charlotte Church squanders her life savings on a new business venture, throwing her plans into disarray.

CHARLOTTE CHURCH recently “spent all of her life savings” on a purchase.

Charlotte Church previously revealed her plans to open an eco-friendly wellness retreat in her home country of Wales, before revealing that it would be a costly venture.

The former opera singer has taken the plunge and purchased a run-down house in the hopes of turning it into a lucrative tourist attraction.

The mother of three, however, has admitted that she has spent all of her hard-earned savings on the project.

Charlotte Church’s Dream Build, a new reality series starring the 35-year-old, will show viewers how she transforms a run-down house into a luxury wellness retreat.

The famous singer has admitted that it was a costly gamble, adding that she borrowed money from her parents as well.

Charlotte said the house is a total bombsite, with crumbling walls and collapsed ceilings, in a new interview.

She told The Independent, “I’ve squandered my life savings on this project.”

She went on to say that she got a £750,000 mortgage plus an extra £300,000 from her parents “because I gave them a whack of money as a teenager.”

Rhydoldog House, which has 49 acres of woodland and grounds, was previously owned by interior designer Laura Ashley.

Charlotte is reportedly worth £5.6 million, according to The Sun, after amassing a £25 million fortune as an opera singer.

The property has been transformed by her stepfather James and a team of builders.

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Over the course of eight episodes, the reality show will follow the mother of three as she renovates her home.

Her new business will also serve as a wedding and glamping venue.

Charlotte is studying to be a “sound healing therapist,” which fits in with the wellness theme of the venue.

“I believe that [saving the world]can be accomplished by assisting people in relaxing, slowing down, facing themselves, finding beauty and nature, and being loving,” she said.

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