Charlie Stayt has been lambasted for his ‘vehicle collision.’ BBC’s ‘Balance the Argument’ conversation with Sajid Javid.


Charlie Stayt has been lambasted for his ‘vehicle collision.’ BBC’s ‘Balance the Argument’ conversation with Sajid Javid.

CHARLIE STAYT came under criticism on Thursday morning for his interview with Health Secretary Sajid Javid, with some viewers demanding that the broadcaster be more balanced.

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, was grilled by BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt over the lack of face-to-face GP visits. Mr Javid hailed GPs for performing a “absolutely outstanding” job during the pandemic, but Stayt claimed he was ducking the topic. Angry Twitter users dubbed the interview a “car catastrophe” and demanded “more balance.”

“You may recognize one of our regular GPs on this program, Dr Rosemary Leonard, who is a well-respected voice among GPs,” Stayt continued.

“And she claims that you, Sajid Javid, as health secretary, are inflaming anti-GP sentiment.”

“On top of that, she claims you have no idea because there are no locums to recruit if you advise they should go out and hire additional personnel to get more individuals to work for them.”

Javid responded, “GPs have done an absolutely wonderful job.”

“We are extremely fortunate to have our primary care system and the wonderful GPs that we do.”

“I feel like you’re slightly missing the point,” Stayt said as he was about to continue.

“This morning, a GP accused you of inflaming the rhetoric, the anti-GP vitriol.”

“That’s what they’re accusing you of.”

“Well, this is a support package,” Javid countered.

“I mean, I think most people find it difficult to see how a quarter-billion pounds in extra funding, cuts in red tape they’ve requested, having pharmacists to help with some of the workload, how that isn’t going to enable GPs do what they do best, which is seeing their patients.”

“It’s all about helping each other.” Let’s not forget that during this pandemic, many people, including doctors, stayed away from the NHS because they were asked to do so at the height of the outbreak.” Many viewers at home turned to Twitter to express their opinions on the interview, with many criticizing Stayt’s handling of Javid.

“@BBCBreakfast @sajidjavid seems like a bit of a car accident interview this morning,” Annie Bayliss tweeted.

“I don’t see how it will boost capacity and improve patient care.”

“Balance the argument BBC – go,” Julie Price Noble added. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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