Charlie Mullins, CEO of Pimlico Plumbers, responds to the outrage for his passport remarks.


Charlie Mullins, CEO of Pimlico Plumbers, responds to the outrage for his passport remarks.

PIMLICO PLUMBERS CEO Charlie Mullins has spoken out about the abuse he has experienced as a result of his vaccine passport advocacy.

Charlie Mullins is a vocal advocate for vaccine passports, frequently stating that the UK should adopt them. However, the Pimlico Plumbers boss spoke to This website about some of the backlash he’s received as a result of his actions.

Charlie has been a vocal advocate for vaccinations in recent months.

At the beginning of June, his company even implemented a “no jab, no job” policy.

The company’s creator has also spoken out on the importance of vaccine passports in resuming a regular life.

“Sorry, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but we were offered one option to get out of this and return to regular life, and that was to receive the vaccine,” he told this website.

“And what’s the big deal if you have the vaccine and documentation of it?

“What is the big problem if someone wants to go to a bar or restaurant, or fly, or go to a country or rock event, or watch a football game?

“People have a choice if they don’t want it, but if they don’t, don’t expect to be able to travel or do things like the rest of us.”

On this, though, not everyone agrees with the vociferous former Remain supporter.

On social media, he said he’d received a lot of pushback from anti-vaxxers and individuals who disagreed with his ideas on vaccine passports.

“All I keep getting is busybodies talking about human rights and saying things like, ‘You’re discriminatory, we’re not going to utilize you,’” Charlie remarked.

“Please don’t use me!” says the narrator.

He went on to claim that because he spoke his opinions on television, he had been given several derogatory nicknames.

“They’re calling me a Nazi, they’re calling me everything,” he continued.

“They accuse me of being prejudiced.

“No, I’m trying to bring folks back to work and protect their livelihood.”

“As an employer, I’m responsible for their safety.

“And now they’re accusing me of being the evil guy.”

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, is currently attempting to pass his vaccine passport legislation through parliament.

On this subject, though, he is meeting opposition from Labour.

Charlie has just been on television after causing a sensation on GB News.

When Nigel Farage’s show “Brinkwire Summary News” aired, he had him on.


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