Charlie Dimmock of Garden Rescue offers advice on how to grow the “most gorgeous pond plants.”


Charlie Dimmock of Garden Rescue offers advice on how to grow the “most gorgeous pond plants.”

GARDEN RESCUE saw the Rich Brothers create an amazing pirate-themed garden for Liz, Geoff, and their daughter Lois in Yate, Gloucestershire this evening. Charlie Dimmock demonstrated how to grow pond plants to achieve a similar aesthetic during the event.

Charlie Dimmock and his brothers Harry and David Rich encountered a family that wanted to turn their backyard into a pirate haven. In honor of Liz’s father, “The Pirate,” the family of three wanted to create a nautical-themed garden. Charlie and the Rich Brothers had their job cut out for them trying to come up with a design that the family would like on a £4,500 budget.

David and Harry’s bizarre design, which included a kraken-shaped topiary hedge, a lagoon pond, a beach, and a pond plank, was chosen by the family.

Charlie assisted with the planting of pond plants while working on the garden design.

The Rich brothers, according to Charlie, chose marginal pond plants that thrive in the shallow edges of ponds.

The plants are frequently found in baskets and can give a dash of color to the water’s edge.

“Now David and Harry have chosen various marginals, keeping in mind that sort of tropical lagoon feel,” Charlie continued.

“They chose equisetum hyemale, which resembles green bamboo but is completely hardy in the UK.

“This is a canna, but it will need to be brought in over the winter because it isn’t completely robust.

“These make my life so much easier because they’re already potted in baskets with gravel on top, so all I have to do is drop them in [the pond].”

Charlie placed the plants in the pond’s shallow edge.

The gardening guru then demonstrated how to grow the “most attractive” pond plants.

“Last to go in and perhaps one of the most attractive pond plants – water lilies,” she concluded.

The leaves of some of the water lilies had drooped and turned brown.

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Charlie advised snapping the stalks off rather than leaving them like way.

“When you see leaves like these going over, simply pluck them off,” she said.

“I’ll put that one in the shallow water because it won’t grow as big there.”

“After that, there’s a lovely white water lily. Basically, you want around half of the pond to be covered in leaves.

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