Charley Webb was forced to make a last-minute appointment due to a health issue that has left her in excruciating pain.


Charley Webb was forced to make a last-minute appointment due to a health issue that has left her in excruciating pain.

CHARLEY WEBB, who is best known for her role as Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale, has said that she had to make a last-minute appointment after sustaining a terrible injury last night.

Charley Webb, 33, of Emmerdale fame, has admitted she is “in agony” after injuring her shoulder on Instagram. The Debbie Dingle actress was spotted relaxing in bed with a hot water bottle in her hand, seeking to relieve her agony.

The mother-of-three told her 510,000 Instagram followers that her two eldest children, Buster, 11, and Bowie, five, were spending the evening with friends and relatives, while she stayed at home with her husband Matthew Wolfenden, 41, and their youngest child, Ace, two.

“I have one child at home,” Charley stated in a video. One.

“So, Buster is with his Nana and Grandpa, Bowie is with Emma and Albert, Ace is here, and I’m in bed eating cheese and oat biscuits while watching Love Island.”

Although she was having “the finest time” watching the ITV2 reality show, the soap star revealed that she was also dealing with a serious health issue.

Charley claimed that she was compelled to make a last-minute appointment with her chiropractor since her injury was causing her pain.

“I mean, basically the finest time, except I’ve done my shoulder in,” the small-screen star told fans.

“So I’ve got a hot water bottle on it,” says the narrator.

She sighed as she explained, “I had to book a last-minute chiropractor appointment tonight at 8 o’clock because I am in misery.”

While Charley rested in bed, she requested that her husband Matthew bring her some food.

When his wife complained that he had forgotten to bring her a snack, the Emmerdale star was less than impressed.

“I demanded him bring me a tea and he didn’t bring me a biscuit,” Charley posted on Instagram.

@matthewwolfenden55, this was his reaction.

As he returned to the kitchen, the celebrity filmed Matthew giving her the middle finger.

“In less than a minute. They showed up. As Matthew tossed a packet of biscuits in Charley’s direction, she revealed, “@matthewwolfenden55.”

“Matthew, come here!” Charley teased Matthew, demonstrating their couple banter.

“What?” The actor David Metcalfe responded.

“I require your assistance!” “Are you under the thumb?” Charley exclaimed, before chuckling and asking her other half.

Due to his wife’s “Brinkwire Summary News,” Matthew rushed out of their bedroom.


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