Charlene White: After announcing her ‘final day,’ the Loose Women anchor bids farewell to her TV adversary.


Charlene White: After announcing her ‘final day,’ the Loose Women anchor bids farewell to her TV adversary.

After their final day was announced, CHARLENE WHITE sent a poignant farewell to her opposing colleague.

As the Loose Women presenter revealed the pair’s previous connection, Charlene White, 41, addressed a poignant message to Louise Minchin, 52. It comes after the BBC Breakfast host announced her departure from the show earlier this week.

Louise, who has been a part of the morning news show since 2001, has stated that September 15 will be her last day on the red sofa.

Charlene, the host of Loose Women, used the chance to send her best wishes to the broadcaster, revealing that they worked together nearly two decades ago.

Louise may not remember her old colleagues on BBC News, but she was always pleasant, according to the presenter.

“Louise and I worked together roughly 16 years ago at the BBC News Channel,” she wrote, referring to her 51,000 followers.

“She was always so sweet, took the time to calm my fears, and was just amazing.”

“She may not realize it was me all those years ago, but I never forget those who were kind,” Charlene continued. In the mornings, I’ll miss you!”

Her statement comes after Louise recently uploaded a selfie of herself underwater on Twitter.

“This is what it feels like to be leaving #BBCBreakfast after so long,” Louise said to her 216,000 followers.

“Frightening but thrilling, like this crystal pure water†Thank you so much for your warm and encouraging remarks; officially, my last day is September 15th.”

Viewers gathered to comment on the TV anchor’s tweet after it was published.

“You do realise you will be SO missed, but thousands are wishing you well,” one wrote.

“Your amazing personality, presenting and interviewing talents will undoubtedly be missed by us all, Louise, but you so deserve to enjoy yourself and the new adventures that await you, and I wish you every happiness,” said another. “May God bless you.”

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“Sorry to hear you’re leaving, best of luck with whatever you do,” wrote a third.

Louise spoke candidly about her choice to leave the show on Breakfast.

“It would have been 20 years this December, so it’s a significant change.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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