Channel 4 fans have threatened to’switch off’ over political programming on Gogglebox.


GOGGLEBOX fans threatened to switch off from the Channel 4 show as they called for a ban on political segments.

Gogglebox regulars were back on viewers screens on Friday night, including Jenny Newby and Lee Riley, The Siddiquis and Pete and Sophie Sandiford. The fan favourites were seen watching Boris Johnson being grilled by Andrew Marr, but viewers took to Twitter to express their annoyance in not being able to get away from the news and politics.

Johnson was seen squirming under Marr’s line of questioning over the £20 uplift from Universal Credit which was introduced amid the pandemic.

The government move is set to wipe £500m from Britain’s poorest families and risk some being left without heat this winter.

Whilst watching the Conservative Party leader fumble his way through Marr’s questions, Pete expressed: “Inflation’s gone through the f***ing roof!

“So, it costs more to live, but obviously Boris doesn’t see it like that, with his £500 a roll wallpaper!”

The Saddiqui family were also seen discussing the rate of inflation doesn’t match the rate of salary increases.

However, viewers were furious and found themselves calling for the chat to end with a ban on politics on a show that they deemed as entertaining.

Michal wrote on Twitter: “I love Gogglebox, but as said before, I’m sick of politics on that show, please I really don’t care about what Boris Johnson has to say.

“Or Covid news when I’m trying to relax on a Friday/Saturday watching what should be a light-hearted programme. Sort it out! #C4Gogglebox #Gogglebox.”

Farmer Palmer also added: “Used to occasionally watch gogglebox for a laugh, no more. Not interested in what any of them think about Universal Credit or any politics #Gogglebox.”

“I wish they wouldn’t put politics on here, this is supposed to be fun #Gogglebox,” Beckie commented.

However, not everyone was upset with Channel 4’s choice of TV shows as some viewers backed up their choice.

Phil said: “I missed #gogglebox on Friday, I weirdly am watching the replay enjoying #marr taking Boris Johnson apart!”

“People complaining that Channel 4 are showing too many politics… I think it’s good! Yes, I get that the news is scattered with it, but it’s information people NEED to know,” Paige quipped.

Channel 4 has also been hit was more backlash recently with a mass of viewers complaining.

Upset fans once again took. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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