Catherine Zeta-Jones, 52, is photographed in a plunging swimsuit on a yacht, and she looks stunning.


Catherine Zeta-Jones, 52, is photographed in a plunging swimsuit on a yacht, and she looks stunning.

During a family vacation on her luxury yacht, CATHERINE ZETA-JONES looked radiant in a candid photo, highlighting her curvy figure in a plunging jet black swimsuit.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, her husband Michael Douglas, and their son Dylan didn’t mind soaking up the rays in front of the camera while on vacation.

The actress shared a series of photos with her nearly four million Instagram followers.

Enjoying the fresh air and feeling the breeze,

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a British actress who is known for her role in the film Catherine

The 52-year-old actress shared a flawless selfie of herself reclining on a bed in a stylish black bikini in honor of the holiday season.

She’d also shared a photo of herself curled up in a silver satin blanket, lounging beneath it in matching metallic casual wear, earlier that day.

Her 21-year-old son, too, was eager to share footage from the trip, even if it meant simply sitting behind his parents in a jacuzzi, staring intently at a laptop.

Catherine also shared her enthusiasm for the coming year in a video titled “Walking Into 2022.”

“Here’s to you and yours!!” she wrote on Instagram.

“I wish you love in 2022.”

It makes you happy.

It is good for your health.

“We’ll take care of everything else.”

I adore you two.

“Zeta,” she said.

While the words “Love to all” appeared on the screen, fans watching the video were treated to a cascade of colorful fireworks lighting up the night sky behind her.

She sat at the dinner table in a plunging dark magenta dress with her hair swept behind her in another photo from her trip.

She wished her followers a “happy and healthy 2022” before writing, “Outside, feeling the breeze and loving the fresh air.”

She and Michael, who have been married for over 21 years, were said to have spent time at their mysterious waterside location doing yoga workouts and enjoying the sun while recharging their batteries.

Catherine has also been reading and sharing motivational quotes to help her prepare for the next phase of her life now that the worst of the pandemic has passed.

“You create what you think,” the post said, crediting @the.lamare.

“You are attracted to what you feel.”

“You become what you imagine.”

While channeling a vision of themselves sunbathing on a yacht.

“Brinkwire News Summary.”

Feeling the breeze and loving the fresh air,

Catherine Zeta-Jones


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