Catherine Tyldesley of Corrie was seen with her head in her hands following an ITV cookery disaster dubbed ‘Start anew.’


Catherine Tyldesley of Corrie was seen with her head in her hands following an ITV cookery disaster dubbed ‘Start anew.’

CATHERINE TYLDESLEY was left agonizing over a costly blunder on Tuesday’s episode of Cooking with the Stars, after a caramel error contributed to her elimination from the ITV show.

Tom Allen and Emma Willis of The Voice welcomed four new celebrities into the Cooking with the Stars kitchen on Tuesday evening to see if they had what it took to impress a panel of expert chefs. Griff Rhys Jones, Catherine Tyldesley, Denise Van Outen, and AJ Odudu were the four celebrities who hoped to impress with their culinary skills, but one had to leave. Denise Van Outen of The Masked Singer and Catherine Tyldesley of Coronation Street were left to compete in a tense final cook-off on the ITV show.

With AJ and Griff safely through to the next round of the competition, Tom and Emma told Denise and Catherine they had one more dish to prepare in order to stay in the ITV competition.

“This is terrifying.” Denise made a remark about the head-to-head, while Catherine joked, “Can we not do it together?”

Emma went on to say that the chefs on Cooking with the Stars would judge the pair’s creations blindly, leaving it up to taste to decide who would go to the next round.

And the meal they had to make was Panna cotta with raspberry coulis and sugar cages, a famous Italian dessert.

Catherine and Denise were left to their own devices because the celebs had to face the last dish without the assistance of the cooks.

When an expensive mistake with the caramel for Catherine’s sugar cages put the cooking into disarray, it became evident Catherine could have used a helping hand.

Catherine began heating her sugar in the hopes of turning it amber for the caramel cages after pouring the cream into the ramekins for the Panna cotta.

Despite the chefs’ cautions and the fact that it was stated on the recipe, Catherine began stirring the caramel with a spoon, which the pros considered a big no-no.

Catherine began reading the instructions after noticing something was wrong: “It just says till it starts to bubble…

As she realized her error, she added, “Do not stir the mixture with a spoon.”

As she agonized over what to do, the former soap actress threw her hands to her head in shock. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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