Catherine Southon of Bargain Hunt says the worst couple “drove me absolutely insane.”


Catherine Southon of Bargain Hunt says the worst couple “drove me absolutely insane.”

The antiques expert on BARGAIN HUNT spoke out about her time on the BBC show and revealed the most memorable Bargain Hunt team.

Catherine Southon, one of Bargain Hunt’s best experts, has won numerous times with her teams.

Catherine began her television career on Flog It! and spent three years there before joining the Bargain Hunt team in 2006.

Catherine recently opened up about her time on the BBC show, revealing who she considered to be her favorite Bargain Hunt team.

Catherine revealed after 16 years on the popular BBC show: “A husband and wife team! The wife drove the husband [and me]absolutely insane, we couldn’t find her half the time!”

“All of it,” she said of her favorite part of her job, “but discovering a real gem that no one else has noticed is the absolute icing on the cake.”

“It’s happened a few times, and it’s an incredible feeling when it does.”

“I didn’t really know the value of it,” Catherine said of a curta calculator she discovered on the show.

“I saw it, persuaded the team to buy it, even though they didn’t want to, and then we watched it fly at auction – I have no idea what it made!”

Bargain Hunt has been a huge hit for many years on television, and Catherine explained why she thinks it appealed to so many people.

“It’s tricky! I believe people prefer to see the entire story from beginning to end – finding an object, learning about it, and then selling it at auction.”

“I think people like the reality that things go well at auction sometimes and don’t go well at auction sometimes, and I hope the public enjoys learning something from them.”

Catherine recommended that anyone interested in antiques read a lot, handle antiques, and talk to antiques dealers and collectors in a previous interview with the BBC.

Bargain Hunt is a game show in which two teams of two compete to buy antiques from shops or a fair and then sell them at an auction for a profit.

Since March 13, 2000, it has aired on BBC One, and in 2004 it was moved to primetime television due to the show’s growing popularity.

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