Cassie Laundrie, Brian’s sister, receives threats of murder and kidnapping.


Cassie Laundrie, Brian’s sister, receives threats of murder and kidnapping.

Deputies from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office had been summoned to Cassie Laundrie’s home multiple times, according to police records.

In recent weeks, Brian Laundrie’s family has been vilified, criticized, and even harassed to come clean, but it now appears that they are also facing death threats. Some enraged demonstrators have threatened Brian’s sister Cassie and her family, escalating the situation to a frightening new level. Cassie Laundrie’s home has been visited by Manatee County Sheriff’s officers several times in the last two weeks, according to reports. The family has received several threats against them and their children.

The Laundrie family’s home in North Port, Florida, has become a significant centre of activity, with reporters camped outside for weeks and demonstrators stopping by on a daily basis. Some ambitious neighbors have started renting out their yards to television crews in order to profit from the attention. On October 4, a drone photo of the yard sparked hysteria, with one theory claiming Brian was holed up in an underground bunker.

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Cassie Laundrie is accused of assisting Brian in the’murder’ of Gabby Petito on the internet.

Was Cassie Laundrie’s place of residence searched? Brian’s sister was chastised for speaking to the press. The family, on the other hand, appears to be in good shape. They removed a Gabby Petito homage poster from their yard on October 10. Cassie, Brian’s sister, has made headlines as well, first for being the first family member to speak out about the case. She now appears to have been the target of a great deal of public wrath.

Cassie Laundrie’s family is in danger.

Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies had been summoned “many times” to Cassie Laundrie’s home, according to WFLA. The site did disclose two particular cases, but no exact information are provided. Cassie’s husband James claimed receiving “messages from strange persons” on September 19, two days after Brian was declared missing. Threats of “killing his family and stealing his kids” were among the letters. On October 1, police received another report concerning “strange conditions.” The circumstances are unknown, however the story suggests it was a probable sighting of Brian Laundrie. Police have apparently been checking in with the family on a regular basis since the September 17 contact. “We’re not supposed to talk to anyone,” she reportedly told protestors outside her home on one occasion. “You’re making my children cry.” The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office has yet to officially reply to the article or confirm whether or not the family was targeted. Dr. Bryanna Fox, a former FBI agent, issued a statement to WFLA condemning protestors. “It’s illegal, irresponsible, incredibly destructive, and, on top of that, it’ll just happen.” Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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