Carrie Fisher said that, months before her death, she wanted to “grow old together” with Harrison Ford.


In the Star Wars movies, there is an explanation why Han Solo and Princess Leia harmonize so well.

As Carrie Fisher revealed in 2016 in her memoir titled “The Princess Diarist,” during the shooting of “A New Hope.” she and Harrison Ford had an affair.

And even though their relationship didn’t last long, Fisher and her co-star were absolutely smitten.

In fact, she was so in love with Ford that she told the actor 40 years after their affair that they still had time to “grow old together.”

How did Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford’s affair begin?

When she was cast as one of the most famous movie characters of all time, Fisher was only 19. Ford, meanwhile, was in his mid-30s already.

Fisher never thought that she would have a romantic relationship with him, because of the age gap (and the fact that Ford was already married). But all that changed during the 32nd birthday party for George Lucas.

Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher had an affair with Harrison Ford a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away:! News (@enews) November 17, 2016 Carrie Fisher said that during their affair, Harrison Ford was ‘abusing’ his influence over her.

Ford bent over to kiss his co-star when the night was over.

The act was the beginning of the end, as Fisher writes in her memoir.

Fisher admitted after they kissed that she was “obsessed” with Ford and that during the shooting of the first Star Wars movie, he became her “top priority”

But her co-star/lover, sadly, did not seem to reciprocate her feelings.

“I’m sure that on our relative priority lists during filming, I was perhaps as high as fifteenth, while Harrison was my number one.”I am sure that I was maybe as high as fifteenth on our relative priority lists during filming, while Harrison was my number one.

Harrison Ford was told by Carrie Fisher that they still had time “to grow old together”

“CARRIE FISHER feels like she ambushed HARRISON FORD over affair revelation ComicBook NOW! (@ComicBookNOW) November 30, 2016 Mark Hamill said he didn’t want to share with Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher: “The times I remember were when I had all to myself.

Although her brilliant sarcasm and amazing sense of humor were known to Fisher, her memoir shows a more fragile side of her personality. It becomes very clear in her book that, four decades after their affair, her feelings for Ford were still real.

She also proposed to her old mate, claiming that they still had a chance to reconcile. (Months before her tragic death, the book was released).

Fisher didn’t hope that Ford would consider her bid, but she said it was “absolutely” “worth the effort.”

Alex Bruce-Smith (@alexbrucesmith) November 16, 2016 Fisher wrote, I’d like to remind Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher that IT’S NOT TOO LATE

But while it’s still time to grow old together for Carrison, the gate is closing more and more. We need to do it soon if we’re going to get back together.

And it is difficult, to say the least, to get back together with someone you have never really been with.

But the effort is completely worth it. Or not. I’ll probably regret writing this, but please don’t if you have the urge to scream at me. I feel bad enough from time to time as it is. My expectations are not high, and it just so happens that neither am I.

There was nothing serious about the relationship between the ‘Star Wars’ stars.

Carrie Fisher claims she “ambushed” Harrison Ford by confessing to a Heat Vision affair (@HeatVisionBlog) November 29, 2016 The affair unfortunately never turned into something significant despite Fisher’s efforts. Ford returned to his wife after filming “A New Hope,” and that was the end of the affair.

Yet Fisher fantasized secretly that her co-star in Star Wars was leaving his wife for her.

“Harrison could expectantly (but gently and responsibly) leave his wife,” she wrote. “And after a barely perceptible, dignified period of time, he would marry me (in an unsentimental, tasteful way). We would subsequently surprise everyone – ourselves included – by staying together for the rest of the life of the one who dies first.”


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