Carrie Fisher revealed that “Alec Guinness once gave Mark Hamill 20 pounds to go away.”


Carrie Fisher, the late Star Wars princess, was jealous that Mark Hamill was working with Alec Guinness. So she had a juicy bit of gossip to share about the two athletes. Fisher announced in 2012 that “Alec Guinness once gave Mark Hamill 20 pounds to go away.”

Carrie Fisher was jealous that Alec Guinness appeared in ‘Star Wars’ with Mark Hamill.

While in “Star Wars: A New Hope,” Princess Leia begs Obi-Wan Kenobi to support her, she has never met him in person. He saw a holographic message from Leia while Guinness portrayed Kenobi. Fisher and Guinness never got the opportunity to appear together in a scene, however.

The late actress used to tell her co-star Hamill that the time he spent with Guinness made her jealous.

“She was jealous that I got to work with Alec Guinness and she didn’t,”She was jealous that I got to work with Alec Guinness and she did not.

If my life wasn’t funny, that would just be true, and that’s unacceptable. “If my life wasn’t funny, it would just be true, and that’s unacceptable. ”

While several actors got their big break by joining the Star Wars saga, when he joined the cast, Guinness already had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Since Guinness was in it, many fans went to see the movie.

Fisher was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds, a famous actress, and Eddie Fisher, a musician. This did not preclude her from admiring other famous Hollywood icons, such as Guinness, though.

Fisher once posted some juicy gossip about Hamill and Guinness behind-the-scenes

Fans liked the character played by Guinness – Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi – but that did not stop the late actor from calling the “fairy-tale nonsense.” Star Wars. As it turned out, Guinness would have preferred to collaborate with Fisher rather than Hamill.

The late actress in a 2012 interview with NPR shared the dirt on her co-star.

“Alec Guinness once gave Mark Hamill 20 pounds to go away,” she told the network.

Okay, just because I think we need it, here’s a photo of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill Jennifer Tilly (@JenniferTilly) November 3, 2020 She added that Hamill asked Guinness so many questions about acting and his future. So, she said, he was paid by the older actor to shut up.

It was tiresome, because Mark was a movie buff,”It got tiresome because Mark was something of a movie buff,” “So [Guinness] gave him the money to go away.”

Hamill took the money, but, Fisher joked, not before he got Guinness to sign it. She took the last part back, however, admitting that Hamill had not demanded an autograph, but he probably wanted one.

For the first ‘Star Wars’ movie, Alec Guinness negotiated the best fee for

Since the most popular actor in the cast was Guinness, he earned a salary that suited his experience. For the role of Obi-Wan, he did not have the highest pay, but he negotiated 2.25 percent of the film’s earnings.

That was nine times what the majority of actors got, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He won about $3.3 million from his winnings in 1977, and about $85 million in 2000. For the film, which he described as “fairy-tale nonsense.” he made a lot of money.


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