Carol Vorderman: The Countdown star causes a stir by flaunting her pert rear in a wetsuit photo.


Carol Vorderman: The Countdown star causes a stir by flaunting her pert rear in a wetsuit photo.

CAROL VORDERMAN has ignited a social media frenzy by showing off her toned body in a wetsuit while documenting her first paddleboarding experience in a series of images.

Carol Vorderman, 60, has caused a stir among her 463,000 Twitter followers by showing off her Rear of the Year-winning backside while paddleboarding in Wales this afternoon. The actress shared a collection of photographs from her day in the sun on social media.

Carol was photographed smiling for the camera while wearing a sleek black wetsuit and huge sunglasses.

Carol wore her beautiful caramel tresses down in soft beach waves for her appearance.

Carol tweeted another photo of herself practicing her paddleboarding skills on the pristine blue waves after taking a handful of selfies.

As she flaunted her toned figure in her skintight costume, the celebrity appeared concentrated on the task.

In the caption of her images, the maths expert enthused over her time on the Welsh seas.

“I was out early this morning paddleboarding for the FIRST time ever,” she wrote.

“So happy….got the @FatStickBoards blow up boards…..just wonderful and easy and nicely constructed, plus they come with all the extras.”

“I am completely addicted to #paddleboarding.”

Carol elaborated on her foray into water sports on Instagram, stating, “Living the dream… Today was my first time paddleboarding. Now I’m completely addicted.

“We started at 7 a.m…. #Wales #Warm #WithMyMates #HighTideInTheHarbour… went around the bluff… Simply the most idyllic corner of paradise.

“Stopped on a deserted beach and returned for breakfast hours later.”

“So be advised when you come and stay, I’ve bought TWO blow up boards from @fatstickboards and you’re going with me,” the brunette beauty joked.

Carol’s gym-honed figure in the images drew a lot of attention in the comments area of her tweet, and many followers gushed about it.

“I am sure you will ace this too madam, weather seems good, you look good, you got this madam, wish you all the best, take care as usual, pleased you are having fun, I have to do this too someday, looks like a lot of fun!” one person said.

“Not many people have a double prize winner helping to keep them balanced…” said another, referring to Carol’s peach behind.

“God Carol, how come you look so good.” Brinkwire Summary News, said a third individual.


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