Carol Vorderman flaunts her bust in a bikini and declares herself “ready for action.”


Carol Vorderman flaunts her bust in a bikini and declares herself “ready for action.”

CAROL VORDERMAN has put on a show as she chronicles her efforts to construct a storage container for her new sporting equipment.

Carol Vorderman, 60, of Countdown fame, flaunted her big assets on Instagram while photographing her attempts to make a storage box for her new paddleboards. The media sensation documented her first experience paddleboarding around the Welsh coast yesterday, and she updated her progress this evening while putting up an exterior storage container to keep her boards in while wearing a tiny bikini.

Prepared to take action

Carol Vorderman is a well-known author.

Due to this week’s heatwave, the actress stated that she was undertaking the DIY task in a little bikini in front of her 113,000 fans.

The mother-of-two wore a triangle-style bikini top and a pair of fashionable black sunglasses, allowing her brown tresses to fall into natural waves about her shoulders.

With screwdrivers in hand, the actress said that she was ready to tackle the task of building an exterior storage box for her paddleboards.

Carol stated she was “ready for action” in her selfie, referring to herself as a “#bikinibuilder.”

The mathematician flaunted her washboard abs and toned stomach while mentally preparing for the challenge, wearing a minute bikini top and grey flannel shorts.

The Channel 4 star shared her box-building efforts over the next several stories before disclosing that she had completed the DIY accomplishment.

Carol posed in her bikini for another selfie inside the finished unit, this time showing off the finished product.

The best-selling author wrote “Peepo!” with the sun behind her. ” she said, revealing the “inside” of the package.

The celebrity showed off the end product by snapping a photo of her curvaceous, hourglass figure against her new pride and joy.

“My work here is done,” she wrote.

Along with emojis of a hammer and a spanner, he said, “Hooray… someplace for my paddleboard gear.”

Despite her success, however, the actress said that she had two screws left over after completing the box.

Carol wrote: “Oh b****r… some leftover screw,” next to a smiling face emoji, and a photo of the offending objects.

“Don’t you have it when something like that happens? ”(sic) she enquired of her audience.

The Countdown alum stated yesterday evening that she had spent the evening paddleboarding in her native Wales.

Ahead of a beautiful sunset, “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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