Carol Vorderman, a 60-year-old Countdown veteran, was pictured crying after being ‘chased by deadly ponies.’


Carol Vorderman, a 60-year-old Countdown veteran, was pictured crying after being ‘chased by deadly ponies.’

CAROL VORDERMAN was caught in tears today, barely hours after being chased by “killer ponies” and assaulted by wild bison.

Carol Vorderman, 60, was beaming with Welsh pride as she shared her mountain experiences on Instagram yesterday. The 15-mile journey, on the other hand, proved to be quite eventful, and she found herself crying with emotion at the natural beauty of it all.

Carol captioned a photo of the beautiful surrounding scenery, “Heart here always #Wales.”

“Bore da pawb – good morning everyone!” she stated in her video.

Because I’m back in the Welsh highlands today, I’m a happy girl.”

The actress is no stranger to country walks, as she explored her hometown of North Wales in her BBC documentary Carol Vorderman: Closer to Home earlier this year.

As she outlined what she anticipated to see on her tour across the Brecon Beacons, the TV legend beaming from ear to ear.

She stated, “I’m hoping to accomplish approximately 15 miles today.”

“And there’s a waterfall, a reservoir, a mountain, and just good times.”

“I really like it here. “Happy days,” says Dyddiau Hapus. Her next message, however, indicated that she would not be getting out of the car any time soon, as rain battered down on her windscreen.

With three laughing emojis, she said, “Definitely raining.”

“#WeatherApp, you might have to wait 20 minutes… but you’re good to go then… BOOOOOMMMMM.”

(sic)After that, the diva kept silent for a bit until posting her exciting update eight hours later.

“So, 15 kilometers later, here we are… OMG!” (sic) she exclaimed gleefully.

“I’ve eaten bison from the wild… “Equine killer ponies have been chasing me!” She posted photos and videos from her excursions today, featuring a sheep field, a babbling river, and a succession of breathtaking waterfalls.

When she arrived to her first waterfall, she was taken aback.

“This made me cry – it’s so beautiful,” she added, joyous tears streaming down her cheeks.

She triumphantly videoed herself at the summit of a mountain, almost 2000 feet above sea level, then turned the camera around to display the “absolutely stunning” landscape that surrounded her nine kilometers later.

She closed her story with a video of a spectacular rainbow arching over her.

She cried, “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”

“I adore this universe.”


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