Carol Vorderman, 60, shows off her toned stomach in gym attire as she realizes her biceps are expanding.


Carol Vorderman, 60, shows off her toned stomach in gym attire as she realizes her biceps are expanding.

CAROL VORDERMAN flaunted her washboard abs and bulging biceps in a new photo taken as she prepared to work up a sweat at the gym today.

Carol Vorderman, 60, shared a tantalizing photo on Instagram ahead of a strenuous workout with Craig Hawkins, her personal trainer. The BBC Radio Wales presenter posed in a khaki green top that accentuated her toned stomach and was worn with patterned leggings.

“I swear I’ve sprouted a tiny bicep,” Carol texted as she strained her arm muscles for the snap.

“I went back into the gym and realized I had forgotten about it. Thanks, @craighawkins pt.”

The actress wore her brunette locks down, which she matched with a fresh-faced look, as they tumbled into beach waves.

Carol shared her enthusiasm to be back lifting weights after a fun-filled holiday in Wales in a second post.

“It’s time to head back to the gym…,” she wrote. I had a wonderful summer of hiking, paddleboarding, relaxing, dancing, laughing, and a little weight lifting.

“Early one this morning with @rippercbh online… Greetings, Ripper.”

Carol builds her remarkable figure with weights and has already shared her training method online.

The TV personality alternates lower and upper body days, with core exercises thrown in for good measure.

Goblet squats, forward lunges, and glute lifts make up her lower-body routine, with burpees thrown in for good measure if she’s feeling up to it.

Leg lifts, side oblique dumbbell rises with glute raises, reverse crunches, and a plank are some of the things she exercises to build a strong core.

Shoulder press pyramids and frontal deltoid lifts make up the upper body day.

She also “walks about seven miles a day and three circuits a week,” she said.

Many people have hailed her timeless beauty and hourglass shape on social media.

Carol claimed that her libido skyrocketed after she hit her late 50s.

The actress claims she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment and is instead enjoying her freedom.

“I get up to a lot of mischief,” says the narrator. I have a few particular buddies, but I’m not misbehaving in any way. She told the Daily Mail, “Everyone is single.”

“And, with the exception of one, they’re all younger than I am. I’m not interested in settling down. I’m relishing my independence.”

“I’ll have broken the code,” she explains, but she won’t name names. They don’t talk about me, and I don’t talk about them.

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