Carol Vorderman, 60, gives an update on her health after a year-long battle with Covid.


Carol Vorderman, 60, gives an update on her health after a year-long battle with Covid.

CAROL VORDERMAN has revealed that she is still suffering from long-term Covid.

Carol Vorderman, 60, recently updated her social media followers on her health. Piers Morgan’s tale of his struggles with Covid elicited a response from the Countdown icon.

As she responded to him on social media, she revealed she was in the same predicament.

Following his Covid struggle, Piers claimed that Lewis Hamilton was still seeing a team doctor.

“Do not underestimate the impacts of long-covid,” the former Good Morning Britain host wrote.

“I’ve never had exhaustion like this, and it’s been about three weeks since the symptoms began.

“Lewis, one of the world’s fittest athletes, was diagnosed with covid eight months ago and is still experiencing symptoms that he feels are related to it.”

Carol then jumped in, saying, “Me too.”

Following her comment, she received an outpouring of support, with many people urging her to feel better as soon as possible.

Covid was originally spotted by the BBC Radio Wales DJ before the lockdown began last year.

The presenter added that the impact had left her breathless while she was recovering.

“I had Covid before lockdown, long Covid,” she stated on GMB back in June.

“Since I’m a walker, I can say, ‘Oh, let’s go find a lovely little 15 miler today.’

“I couldn’t walk a hundred yards.” I still couldn’t do it months later.

“I’d be like [heavy breathing],” she says. “I’m guessing three months.”

Carol, on the other hand, felt forced to apologize after her recent swimsuit photo caused a stir.

She posted photos of herself in a little black swimsuit to her 124,000 Instagram followers earlier this week.

“Last week… Sunbathing… Wales,” she wrote beside the photos.

“This week… Rain-dodging… Bristol. Is it possible to speak with Mr Raincloud? “I’m in desperate need of more summer.”

Some commenters, however, quickly pointed out that woman was wearing her swimsuit backwards.

“And sure, I’m a happy scruff,” Carol replied. (With sincere apologies to Elizabeth Hurley… Queen of the Bikinis), I wore my bikini top inside out and didn’t wear any makeup.

“One of these days, I’ll learn to dress a little more classy… But it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. “Have a wonderful Saturday.”


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